SOFIC – Dillon Defender


Dillon Aero, makers of the M134 mini gun displayed their take on the classic LR Defender. Based on a 110 chassis, the Dillon Defender is a concept vehicle. They currently have 6 in various states of refurbishment.


Yes, those are ammo boxes in the rear bumper.



7 Responses to “SOFIC – Dillon Defender”

  1. mike says:

    That’s an AWESOME bumper!!!

    • Palehorse1 says:

      Agreed! Already searching for more details on it.

      E.G. Please feel free to keep us posted on this one.

  2. bulldog76 says:

    i need one !

  3. Terry says:

    Dear Santa…

  4. Russel says:

    They need to move the spare wheel off the bonnet. All of our Rovers have had them moved to the rear underside.

  5. Brando says:

    RSOV 2.0

  6. Dave says:

    This isn’t exactly new;

    Is that an extendible mast on the back for some sort of observation device or another weapon station?

    Operationally, having 4 pax would seriously limit the cargo you could carry, there’s barely enough space with three