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FirstSpear Tactical Dress Belt

The patent pending Tactical Dress Belt was designed by a Law Enforcement and Personal Security Professional and is manufactured exclusively by FirstSpear.


It’s important to understand that while it’s called a Belt it’s a two piece design that consists of a sleeve that goes over your regular belt along with a low profile inner belt. The inner belt is threaded through the loops on your trousers and the two components Velcro together.

TDB - Inner

The TDB is designed to accept your standard trouser belt which you thread through the sleeve. It might be a nice leather dress belt or an expensive leather gun belt, or perhaps FirstSpear’s Line One Belt made from Biothane. Regardless, you slide your trouser belt inside the TDB and it turns it into a full tactical load bearing belt.


Due to the design it won’t betray you when your jacket opens exposing the front of your belt. But, your sidearm and other equipment is right where you need it.


Additionally, the wide, padded TDB will help support your load during a long day whether just a pistol and magazine pouch or something more substantial.

Available in Black only, one size fits most.


7 Responses to “FirstSpear Tactical Dress Belt”

  1. If it loops only through the two front belt loops how is it holding up the pants in the back? In the photo it looks like he’s wearing two belts on top of each other which in my mind defeats the whole purpose of combining an inconspicuous dress belt with the load baring part of the set up. Am I getting this wrong?

    • Haji says:

      It appears that in the photo he’s wearing a Velcro liner belt which the outer belt is attached to. The “pants belt” is inside the sleeve and over top of the liner, outside the belt loops.

      • Borebrush says:

        Haji, It should be but it appears that its not the case.

        Zoom in and there isnt an apparent inner/outer belt velcro interface. I’ll try to withhold judgement here but the quality of the holster and execution is NOT what I expect from First Spear.

        This concealed duty belt thing has been my wheelhouse for a while now, and it doesnt appear to hold a candle to other options.

        Couple lessons learn from other fielded options.

        -velcro alone does not cut it. It needs a “keeper system”; at holster, 10 and 2, and at 6.

        -stacking subcomponents increases girth at waist, compromising concealment.

        -$100 worth of belts and buckle are rendered useless by crappy holsters and mag pouches


  2. SME says:

    The inner velcro belt supports your pants. The outer tactical dress belt is held onto the inner belt via hook and loop. From frontal view, wearing a shirt or jacket, the inner belt would not be visible.

  3. William McLin says:

    Does anyone know who makes the pants that are being shown in the example pictures. I have been looking at so many different types they are all starting to look the same.

  4. J says:


    They are Tru-Spec 24 7. I have a pair, they’re quite good. I prefer them over 5.11s, but find VertX to suit my needs better.


  5. Trunk Monkey says:

    Looking at the website, no pouches or holster come with the belt-you could use any molle or standard pouches/holsters you want.
    IMO, Velcro is more secure than keepers, plus looks like outer belt would keep gear in place/hold up the weight. Cool rig.