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Blade Show – Al Mar Knives


The genesis of the Al Mar Eagle Ultralight goes back to 1984, with the development of the lightest knife possible, with the greatest blade-to-handle ratio. Eventually users asked for something a bit more robust. Al Mar Knives created the Eagle HD in 2012 with heat-treated stainless liners and G10 scales. This year Al Mar chose to incorporate ZDP189, which is the hardest steel available, but keep the overall dimensions and ergonomics of the Eagle. The Eagle HD ZDP incorporates the same heat treated liners (despite assertions by some SSD readers, this is not as common as you would think). The blade itself offers a Rockwell of 64-65 after heat treatment. Al Mar’s ZDP189 is laminated with a softer outside steel and an inner core of the ZDP189 stronger steel, to yield an incredibly strong, yet durable blade.

Shipping soon from www.almarknives.com


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