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Al Mar S.E.R.T. Auto Debuts At SHOT Show

Wednesday, January 14th, 2015

Following on the heals of the Eagle HD, the Al Mar S.E.R.T. Automatic becomes the latest knife for duty and everyday carry from a cutlery manufacturer that has supported the SOF community for years. Made in the USA, the S.E.R.T. features Al Mar’s unique Deep Pocket Clip for ambidextrous carry, an S30V powdered metal blade, and machined and anodized scales.

Al Mar SERT Auto 1

The Al Mar S.E.R.T. (Sheriff’s Emergency Response Team) Automatic has machined aluminum scales and superior ergonomics providing a superior grip, while the ambidextrous Deep Pocket Clip provides exceptional retention and comfort, while remaining discreet and unobtrusive. Combined with a coil-spring action, positive safety, and textured release, the S.E.R.T.’s powerful opening keeps it’s 3.3” blade where you need it: the right place at the right time. The modified clip design allows for precision work, while still providing the strength and durability needed to cut through seat belts, rope, and just about anything else!

3.3” S30V Blade (RC 59-60), 8.5” OAL
6061 Aluminum Hard Anodized Scales
Deep Carry Pocket Clip – Ambidextrous
4.0 oz.

Al Mar’s Deep Pocket Clip places the knife safely and securely in the pocket, as deep as possible. Reversible for ambidextrous carry.

Al Mar’s S.E.R.T. utilizes S30V for superior edge retention, and machined and anodized 6061 Aluminum for superior retention in the hand.

The S.E.R.T.’s textured safety and release fire an aggressive coil-spring for a powerful automatic action.

MSRP: $240.00
Available Q1 2015

See the Al Mar S.E.R.T. on AlMarKnives.com.

Blade Show 2014 – Al Mar Knives

Sunday, June 8th, 2014

All of the Al Mar Knives designs you see here are by Master Bladesmith Kirk Rexroat, who has been collaborating whit Al Mar Knives for many years. Rexroat designs incorporate extremely functional and utilitarian blades styles with timeless designs.


Models in the photo are all by Rexroat, produced by Al Mar Knives. From top to bottom:

Al Mar Knives Payara

Al Mar Knives Shrike

Al Mar Knives Backup 2 Hawkbill

Al Mar Knives Nomad

Al Mar Knives Backup 1 Tanto

To see more of Kirk Rexroat’s work visit:

Blade Show – Al Mar Knives

Saturday, June 1st, 2013


The genesis of the Al Mar Eagle Ultralight goes back to 1984, with the development of the lightest knife possible, with the greatest blade-to-handle ratio. Eventually users asked for something a bit more robust. Al Mar Knives created the Eagle HD in 2012 with heat-treated stainless liners and G10 scales. This year Al Mar chose to incorporate ZDP189, which is the hardest steel available, but keep the overall dimensions and ergonomics of the Eagle. The Eagle HD ZDP incorporates the same heat treated liners (despite assertions by some SSD readers, this is not as common as you would think). The blade itself offers a Rockwell of 64-65 after heat treatment. Al Mar’s ZDP189 is laminated with a softer outside steel and an inner core of the ZDP189 stronger steel, to yield an incredibly strong, yet durable blade.

Shipping soon from www.almarknives.com

Cutlery Shoppe Giving Away Al Mar Knives

Thursday, April 4th, 2013

Cutlery Shoppe is giving away three great models from Al Mar Knives on Facebook. There will be three winners, one each for the Al Mar Eagle Ultralight, an Eagle HD and an Eagle Jigged Bone!



SHOT Show – Al Mar Knives

Friday, January 18th, 2013

I wanted to take you on a little trip back in time and show you the knife that made Al Mar Knives as a tactical knife brand back in the 80s. Founder Al Mar was a Special Forces Veteran from Viet Nam and created the SERE Folder as a folding variant of the SERE Operator which was designed with input from the famed COL Nick Rowe who suffered 5 years of captivity by the Viet Cong and was assassinated by the New People’s Army in 1989 in the Philippines.


The current SERE Folder features a 3.6″ VG-10 steel blade that has been heat treated and incorporates a liner that has also been heat treated and would make a better blade than many other knife blades.

The knife incorporates a reversible deep carry pocket clip. It also features a flow through design to keep debris from fouling the mechanism. It’s offered in 3 handle covers; UCP, OD and Black with satin or black blades. Also available in a Mini SERE 2000 model with a 3″ blade.

I’d say that this is the knife that started the whole tactical folder craze. If you haven’t checked out Al Mar Knives lately, I suggest you take a look.


Al Mar Catalog 2013

Friday, January 11th, 2013

Al Mar Knives 2013 Catalog by solsys

Introduced in 2012, the Eagle HD gets an upgrade: a ZDP-189 blade option! ZDP-189 offers superior edge retention and durability to keep your knives sharper longer. Available with Flat Dark Earth G10 scales, the Eagle HD with ZDP-189 blade provides incredible performance in a super-slim, super-light package. Come by Al Mar Knives at SHOT to see for yourself in booth #16524.


Blade Show – Al Mar Knives

Friday, June 8th, 2012

Al Mar Knives is displaying a couple of prototype knives in a new material.


Made from Kirinite, a brand new material. It’s so tough, it takes three times as long to grind as ivory! As you can see, it holds the coloration all the way through and, as an inert material is resistant to solvents. But once polished it is both comfortable to the touch as well as durable.

Look for Kirinite soon in many Al Mar Knives designs.


Al Mar Knives for 2012

Thursday, January 12th, 2012

Al Mar Knives has been a mainstay brand since for over 30 years. They will be showing a few products at SHOT Show that should be of interest to SSD readers.

Eagle Heavy Duty
Improving upon the linerless Eagle Ultralight, the Eagle Heavy Duty incorporates heat treated skeletonized stainless liners and steps up to G-10 scales. All of the other features remain, including the light weight pioneered in the Ultralight series: the Eagle Heavy Duty weighs only 1 oz. more than the Eagle Ultralight @ 3 ounces.

SERE 2000 & Mini SERE 2000 with OD or Digital Camo Scales
If you’re as old as me, you’ll remember the AMK SERE knife. It’s still the same great knife made famous in the 1980s at the JFKSWCS SERE School, but now it’s available in OD green or Digital Camouflage scales.

Plus, their whole line, with knives for the job, the field, and the kitchen.

Visit AMK in SHOT Show booth #16524 or on the web at www.almarknives.com.