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Blade Show 2014 – Winkler Knives Introduces Door Entry Tool

Monday, June 9th, 2014

Winkler Knives has introduced a very specialized piece of kit called the Door Entry Tool.


Available only to authorized, vetted users, the Door Entry Tool is designed to fit into the jamb where it does exactly what the name implies.


Blade Show 2014 – Al Mar Knives

Sunday, June 8th, 2014

All of the Al Mar Knives designs you see here are by Master Bladesmith Kirk Rexroat, who has been collaborating whit Al Mar Knives for many years. Rexroat designs incorporate extremely functional and utilitarian blades styles with timeless designs.


Models in the photo are all by Rexroat, produced by Al Mar Knives. From top to bottom:

Al Mar Knives Payara

Al Mar Knives Shrike

Al Mar Knives Backup 2 Hawkbill

Al Mar Knives Nomad

Al Mar Knives Backup 1 Tanto

To see more of Kirk Rexroat’s work visit:

Blade Show 2014 – Manu Toigo Introduces Machete

Sunday, June 8th, 2014

You may recall seeing Manu Toigo on the show “Naked and Afraid”. After an 8-year stint in the Australian Army, Manu spent several years recovering from injuries. During this period of recovery and self-discovery she found herself in acting school. After a student exchange in Seattle, she emigrated to the US and spent some time in the contract training world as a role player and instructor in scenario based training. This parlayed into some private investigation and personal protection work.


Eventually, she ended up on the show, “Naked and Afraid” in a jungle scenario, in Panama, leveraging the survival skills she learned growing up. On this episode, she used an Ontario machete. Based on this experience she was determined to create something more versatile than that single use instrument. This is what she has come up with.


Offered in 18″ and 24″ models, the Manu Toigo Signature Series Survival Machetes are manufactured from 1070 High Carbon Steel with either G10 or Micarta handles. The design incorporates several features Manu wishes she would have had at hand during her Panamanian adventure including a saw, gut hook and lash points which come in handy when using the hook to retrieve flora from trees.


Manu is still getting this project off the ground and so far she only has custom, low-rate production models. In order to get this into full production, she is looking for viable contacts in the following areas:

– A production knife sheath maker, producing Kydex and Nylon sheaths.
– US Based machine shop with blade making capability.
– Manufacturer of phenolic laminate like G10, including maker of production knife scales in OD Green, Coyote and Camo.
– Saw and or knife blade manufacturer.


Blade Show 2014 – Vulture Equipment Works

Sunday, June 8th, 2014

Inspired by a monkey harness for cargo aircraft crew, this adventure equipment rig by Vulture Equipment Works can be adapted to a wide variety of equipment uses.


Available in two models (one with an AustriAlpin quick adjust slider and one with the full QR buckle) it is very adaptable thanks to the dual carabiners which allow the carried item, such as a camera, to be quickly transitioned from a neck platform to attachment to a pack or wall of an aircraft.

Blade Show 2014 – Spartan Blades

Sunday, June 8th, 2014

The new V14 is based on the geometry of the V42 but just as the 14 suffix denotes, it’s an anti rely updated version of the classic raider knife. Unknown to many, the original issue V42 was issued to both the First Special Service Force (Devil’s Brigade) and US Navy. They had a problem with the tips breaking off so two blacksmiths with the Devil’s Brigade shortened the 1400 issued there by about one inch. It’s small shortcomings like this that Spartan Blades wanted to correct by working with designer Les George.


Along with integrating a full tang, they also increased overall thickness to 1/4″. Naturally, the stacked leather washer handle had to go so they have incorporated G10 scales. In addition to a smoothed pommel to make carry a bit more comfortable, they’ve coated the blade in PVD. Finally, the thumb index is more pronounced on the V14 than the original V42 model.


Get the knife that was awarded Collaboration of the Year at Blade Show 2014.

Blade Show 2014 – Pinkerton Knives / HTM Knives

Sunday, June 8th, 2014

Knife designer Dirk Pinkerton has been making knives full time since 2008 but his passion for knives for knives goes back to when he was kid when he first started using knives. This became an obsession at the age of 30 when Dirk began collecting and eventually, under the tutelage of Darrel Ralph he began to make his own.


Recently, he started to design for HTMKnives and the first model in production is the Variable Broadhead. Made from Titanium, it’s an ambidextrous self-defense knife that can be used forward grip, reverse grip, as well as a push dagger.

The sheath can be suspended from the neck as well a tethered to a pocket or inside belt carry. Additionally, the Kydex sheath can be adapted to a Tek-lok or Spyderco G-clip.

Blade Show 2014 – Darrel Ralph Designs / HTM Knives

Sunday, June 8th, 2014

Darrel Ralph is celebrating his 60th birthday at this year’s Blade Show. Happy birthday, Darrel!


Blade Show 2014 – Winkler Knives – Folder Update

Sunday, June 8th, 2014

ABS Master Bladesmith Daniel Winkler is expanding out of his traditional tomahawk and fixed blade work to develop a folding knife.


He’s adapting the blade profile of the popular Belt Knife to a folder style. Wanting to follow his philosophy of a simple, straight forward design, Daniel introduces a design with one-handed opening as well as a removable pocket clip. He told me he is still perfecting the design which should be out later this Summer.