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Blade Show 2014 – Spartan Blades

Sunday, June 8th, 2014

The new V14 is based on the geometry of the V42 but just as the 14 suffix denotes, it’s an anti rely updated version of the classic raider knife. Unknown to many, the original issue V42 was issued to both the First Special Service Force (Devil’s Brigade) and US Navy. They had a problem with the tips breaking off so two blacksmiths with the Devil’s Brigade shortened the 1400 issued there by about one inch. It’s small shortcomings like this that Spartan Blades wanted to correct by working with designer Les George.


Along with integrating a full tang, they also increased overall thickness to 1/4″. Naturally, the stacked leather washer handle had to go so they have incorporated G10 scales. In addition to a smoothed pommel to make carry a bit more comfortable, they’ve coated the blade in PVD. Finally, the thumb index is more pronounced on the V14 than the original V42 model.


Get the knife that was awarded Collaboration of the Year at Blade Show 2014.