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Blade Show 2014 – Pinkerton Knives / HTM Knives

Knife designer Dirk Pinkerton has been making knives full time since 2008 but his passion for knives for knives goes back to when he was kid when he first started using knives. This became an obsession at the age of 30 when Dirk began collecting and eventually, under the tutelage of Darrel Ralph he began to make his own.


Recently, he started to design for HTMKnives and the first model in production is the Variable Broadhead. Made from Titanium, it’s an ambidextrous self-defense knife that can be used forward grip, reverse grip, as well as a push dagger.

The sheath can be suspended from the neck as well a tethered to a pocket or inside belt carry. Additionally, the Kydex sheath can be adapted to a Tek-lok or Spyderco G-clip.

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