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Blade Show – Medford Knife & Tool

This is the Sawnto, developed for Navy SEAL Craig “Sawman” Sawyer. He will be carrying this knife on several of his TV projects. Medford also provided companion knives for Sawyer’s teammates.


This special model is S35VN with a primitive Vulcan finish but the production model will utilize D2. It’s a combo grind blade with a flat ground nose and hollow ground main edge. Additionally, Medford integrated a variety of tools into the G10 handle as well as the obligatory pommel crowbar as found on the BOA. To top it off, Greg Medford developed a very aggressive anti-personnel saw into the blade. For the production model, they are going to make the teeth a little more camp shore friendly.


Available now from www.medfordknife.com


4 Responses to “Blade Show – Medford Knife & Tool”

  1. Sierra Foxtrot says:

    I WANT!

  2. wazza says:

    I noticed this is up on the Medford Knife & Tool site yet. Any idea when it hits the market?

  3. Craig Sawyer says:

    Greg Medford took my idea of linking 3 of my favorite traits from his other best knives and made it even better than my concept. I’m impressed, but I shouldn’t be surprised. Greg’s got skills!

  4. Wayne Anderson says:

    Why step down to D2 steel? The reality is that customers pay a premium for Medford knives, perhaps make the order form have a couple of options. Those willing to pay for a grade of steel that is hard, holds a better edge, etc than D2 can choose to step up.