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4 New Slings – Raine Inc. BLACK

As part of their BLACK line of products, Raine Inc. has partnered with Savvy Sniper to produce a new line of weapon slings. The four slings are licensed from Savvy Sniper, and include the COBRA Quick Adjust Sling (QUAD Cobra QD), Ambi Quick Adjust Sling (QUAD Ambi), Heavy Weapon Quick Adjust Sling (HD QUAD SAW), and General Purpose Quick Adjust Sling (M4 Lite) models. The slings are constructed from 1″ or 2″ mil-spec tubular webbing and bungee cord, and use tri-glides and buckles from Austri Alpin, and/or tri-glides, buckles, and clash hook attachments from ITW Nexus, dependent on model. They also feature a proprietary slider handle for instant adjustment in sling length and are designed to be used with gloves during operations. All four models of slings are currently available in 499 Tan, Black, Foliage Green, and MultiCam, and are made in the USA.

raineinc.com – BLACK Slings

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4 Responses to “4 New Slings – Raine Inc. BLACK”

  1. Will says:

    All 4 slings are in stock in Multicam and some in Black right now. Tan and Foliage are currently in production.

    Additionally, a number of the Raine Black load carry pouches are in stock in Multicam and some in Black. Coyote Brown and ABU are currently in production.

  2. Carl Kanzari says:

    Looks like solid kit, adding the bungee makes sense in this design, will have to get my hands on one.
    Two quick questions

    1. Will we see an NSN with this item sometime soon?

    2. Who have you sent this item to T&E?

    Looks like the days of the combo radio pouch and pen holder are gone and some cutting edge ideas are coming to the forefront. Will be adding Raine to my watch list of gear makers.

    • Haji says:

      NSN’s have to come from the user side. The vendor doesn’t have any control over that.

    • Will Romes says:

      NSN’s do not originate from the vendor, those are initiated through the user community. These slings are several years past the T&E process and have been operational in the federal LE, state/municipality/township/county LE, SWAT/Task Force, and some military units under the Savvy Sniper flag. Our licensed slings are built to the spec Brian has been building his slings with for years. Get with me: [email protected] and I will square your unit away with some T&E Samples Carl.