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Jil-Lite Constel LED Micro Lantern

My friend Mel at Kifaru turned me on to the Jil-Lite Constel LED Micro Lantern. It looks to be a great little lantern that can be hung from a branch or in a tent just as well as it can be carried. It uses a CR123A Lithium battery to offer 30-40 hours of light. It’s T6 aircraft aluminum body is waterproof to about 10m. The Constel features a dome shaped light diffuser which houses a white LED lamp. Below is a photo of Mel’s Jill-Lite next to a 4Sevens Q Mini 123 which is only 2 1/4″ tall. He tells me he swears by it. Not only is it small and lightweight but offers plenty of illumination for a tent.

Constel 1

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9 Responses to “Jil-Lite Constel LED Micro Lantern”

  1. Blaine B. says:

    I like it. What’s the lumens rating? Any idea?

  2. Jim says:

    So annoyed I can’t get one this side of the pond and the postage will be exorbitant!

    • Mel Terkla says:


      Not so on the postage. If you click on the price for USD it comes up $53.90 and the postage was only $8.00 for a total of $61.90. I received it by USPS in 8 working days. The customer service was excellent, and yes I paid full pop, no freebies :). It’s a cool piece of kit, trust me!


  3. Marmatt says:

    I immediately reached into my pocket, pulled out my 4sevens mini, looked at the photo again and said: “Holy shit, that’s tiny!”

    I may have to treat myself to an early Father’s Day present.

  4. Blaine B. says:

    It’s rated at 80 lumens. Found the info on a review that someone did on CPF this past December.

  5. Jon OPT says:

    Just ordered one, this is perfect for ultralight backpacking and deployment needs.

    Jon, OPT