S&S PullTabs Available Soon From LBT


Look for S&S Precision PullTabs from LBT Inc soon! Shown is Toadvine which goes great with Honor Camo.

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15 Responses to “S&S PullTabs Available Soon From LBT”

  1. JW says:

    Great if you don’t care about noise discipline or plastic snapping. I mean I like the design concept behind it but completely unnecessary

    • SSD says:

      Do you have actual experience with these or are you guessing?

      • Adam says:

        Well, in his defense, experience or no experience, common sense would tell you that plastic on plastic is inevitably going to make more noise than nylon on plastic. That much is true.

        Now with that being said though, does it really fucking matter? Not really. If you are in a situation where you are that concerned about noise discipline, you are probably not going to be playing with your magazines anyway, and if you are, you’re either A) not going to be “snapping” them with the plastic pull tabs, or B) the cat is evidently already out of the bag.

        • JW says:

          I disagree, just because I need a fresh mag doesn’t mean I’m going in guns blazing. Situational awareness and being ready doesn’t mean I have to be throwing speed reloads.

          As for SSDs statement, Adam hit it on the money, I don’t need to see it in person to notice that the bungee which pulls tension will ultimately snag the plastic on plastic.

          Again, not hating on the concept but IMO it’s not necessary.

          • SSD says:

            Well, first off, these aren’t the same plastic as the magazine. It’s softer. So yeah, you should probably have a little experience with them so that you actually know what you are talking about and aren’t just guessing.

            As for making noise? Sure, it’s loaded on a bungee, I can make noise on y magazines if I pull the tab and let it snap back in pace. Guess what? I can do exactly the same thing with a fabric tab. Try it, it makes a noise.

            I am with Adam on this. It’s like guys who complain about Velcro on their pockets. They are worried that they are going to be compromised while getting a Snickers out of their pocket on a CTR.

            If you want to tell me that you didn’t know that they were of a rubberized material, perhaps you didn’t read this story:
   The infamous “weeble” that I caught hell from S&S over.

            I’ve published over 8300 articles, I can’t hold your hand and tell you the same stuff over and over. At some point, you are going to need to use the search function.

            Bottom line? Guys complain about crap they don’t need to. It might not be fore you which is fine, but don’t come in and speak like an authority when your story doesn’t hold water. That’s my job. (that was self-deprecating humor for those of you that didn’t recognize it)

  2. Axe1477 says:

    JW, click on the S&S Precision link and scroll down a ways…you’ll see the original explanation of the PullTab. It looks solid.

    • JW says:

      It’s a neat concept but to me its a solution looking for a problem. They aren’t field replaceable and not cost efficient to replace every issued shingle I have.

      • SSD says:

        How are they not field replaceable? They are absolutely field replaceable and were designed to be so. No sewing necessary.

        And, they are a solution to a problem. Guys wanted something that was always were always there in the same position and were a little grippy, even when wet.

        S&S created the PullTab. If that’s not for you, great, but don’t exclaim that they don’t do anything for anybody. It makes you look ignorant.

  3. james says:

    handled them at SOFIC… the are almost rubbery… no discernible noise… really nice concept and I think even better follow thru to production… good tactile identifiably …

    another great idea… keep’em coming S & S

  4. FLC says:

    Interesting how the tab is oriented 90deg. to how a webbing tab is typically set up with bungee.
    I believe my hand would naturally like to grab in this orientation.
    Good idea, surprised none of the big 3 injection molding folks came up with this idea earlier.
    Well done.
    Anyone know who first came up with the whole bungee retainer concept for mags? just curious.

    • HD says:


      then BLACKHAWK!!! stole it.

      then Tactical Assault Gear stole it from BLACKHAWK!!!


  5. Jwat says:

    Plastic snapping noises aside. If ya want to spend 100 bucks for a piece of plastic, where else would you look? S & S baby!

  6. kord says:

    We got some samples in the shop, going to put some on a few of our pouches and send to previous customers in different tactical fields. From a production POV, cost seems to be a little lower then making the webbing w/nonskid, and save us a lot of shop time/material. We’re going to have the “wait as see” until we hear back from the samples we send out.

    • Chris K. says:

      Agreed, this is something that should have been thought up a long time ago. Consistency in the orientation and location of a pull tab makes for faster reloads. Also useful for pistol pouches or any steep angle mag that would normally make a bungee tab flop over and lay flat (which is not effective). And if it’s cheaper than nylon tabs = winning.

      • Luke says:

        depending on how grippy they are, they could work WAY better for AK mags then webbing.

        excited to find out.