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All Platform Evacuation Litter from Ferno Military Systems

The All Platform Evacuation (APE) litter from Ferno Military Systems is the official quad-folding litter of the USSOCOM CASEVAC Set that we mentioned here in SSD a few weeks back. The litter is unique for its speed of deployment, interchangeable litter beds and field repairable/replaceable parts. The downward locking spreader bars allow the litter to be deployed with simple gross motor movements (just step on it, how’s that for simple?). It is also the first quad-folding litter on the market that allows end users to field replace the litter bed and frame sections. This means that when the patient bed becomes soiled or damaged, you simply open the Velcro closures and put on a new one. Other litters have to be thrown away as the beds are permanently attached. Why toss the expensive metal frame because of problems with the bed? Possibly the biggest bonus to forward-deployed units is that parts (frame sections, feet, handles) can be removed/replaced with a Phillips screwdriver and an open-end box wrench. So one litter can be cannibalized to keep others in service.


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