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Paul Howe Tactical Carbine from Wilson Combat

Wilson Combat builds some great guns, so I was very pleased to hear that they would be building a new signature carbine for Paul Howe. More specifically, MSG Paul Howe (USA, Ret), is a special operations veteran and served in the Battle of the Black Sea in Mogadishu, Somalia. Now, he runs CSAT, a well respected training company.


The Howe carbine is offered only in 5.56mm as a stand alone or a more complete package that includes Paul’s preferred optic, the LeupoldVX-6 1-6×24 Firedot along with a VCAS and Streamlight.

Right off the bat, you’ll notice the paint job. Wilson applies a Camouflage Armor-Tuff finish. They claim that this hand applied finish reduces the carbine’s IR signature and helps keep the rifle cooler.

It incorporates a two-stage Wilson Combat TTU with heavier springs for a 4.5 pound trigger release. The Howe Tactical Carbine includes a Daniel Defense fixed front sight tower paired with his CSAT rear aperture flip up. Additionally, it relies on a Wilson peerless, match grade, 5.56 chambered stainless steel 14.7” barrel with deep lightening flutes and a permanently attached Accu-Tac flash hider for a 16″ overall length.


“Were I to have the choice of only one gun, this is the gun it would be. I could do short, intermediate and long range work with this one rifle. It is like having one golf club to play the entire course”
– Paul Howe


Paul Howe Tactical Carbine Specifications:
-Wilson Combat Recon SR 14.7” 1-8 twist fluted lightweight barrel
-Two stage TTU with heavy mil-spec springs
-Flip up rear BUS with CSAT aperture
-Daniel Defense Fixed front sight, detachable
-Camo Armor-Tuff finish
-10/2 sling mount, rail mount version

Add On Options for “Kit” Version:
-Wilson Combat AccuRiser scope mount, 30mm
-LeupoldVX-6 1-6×24 Firedot
-Streamlight TLR1 HL
-Vickers sling with push button swivels


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3 Responses to “Paul Howe Tactical Carbine from Wilson Combat”

  1. Amazingkg3 says:

    This is the fifth CSAT signature rifle correct? LaRue, DPMS, PWS and LWRC all had ones?

    • Rugrash says:

      Not sure about a specific LaRue model for Paul even though I know he has one. I believe LWRC was first, then DPMS, PWS and now Wilson.

  2. I want to thank everyone involved and in particular my good friends at Wilson Combat for adding my sling as an option

    Be safe