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Sneak Peek – War Dagger


Coming soon from War Sport Industries; the War Dagger. They build a great product so I’m looking forward to this.


If you don’t understand what a dagger is or what it is used for, please keep silly comments to yourself. The search function can truly be your friend but there will be guys who get it who are more than happy to entertain serious questions.


This image gives you a good idea of how to employ the War Dagger.



18 Responses to “Sneak Peek – War Dagger”

  1. defensor fortissimo says:

    How does the price compare to the benchmade SOCP or the spartan blades version?

  2. jim d says:

    Looks to be a nearly direct copy of the blade Greg Thompson designed (the SOCP), just without the thumb jimping on top, and with a recurve on the lower part of the dagger. Even the partial sharpening is almost the same.

  3. Doc B says:

    Not bad at all, but I’m a bit partial to the Brit commando dagger. Bit thinner and a bit longer. Not saying that’s a must-do, I just like that design.

  4. JPate says:

    How is this better than the two versions already out there?

  5. TV-PressPass says:

    I use this to tactically open cans and trim my war-beard, right?

    All kidding aside: I’d be curious to hear about the steel they’ve chosen for this.

  6. Ryan says:

    It would take a lot to make me switch over from my Spartan one. I love it so much that a black one and trainer are planned for a purchase later.

  7. Pliner says:

    Innovation not imitation. Support Spartan blades original design.

    • ian says:

      After 10000 year of killing each other with knives do you really think they came up with something new?

  8. Will M says:

    I hope euther benchmade or spartan blades has a patent. How unoriginal.

    • SSD says:

      It’s hard to patent a dagger. But it’s actually the same guy who designed both, that’s Gregg Thompson of SOC-P.

    • mike says:

      I personally think this looks awesome and would love to carry it in the shop. I own the Spartan and Benchmade iterations, but they both feel quite thin in my hand. I would prefer to grip this, by the look of it.

  9. Qball says:

    Hit a bone and that finger hole is gonna jack up your finger! Physics and body parts aren’t always mutually agreeable.

    • Uncle Willie says:

      If you hit a bone with your finger in that hole the odds of hurting your finger are small. If your finger is not in that hole and you hit a bone the odds of you slicing open your hand and getting your opponents blood all over the cut are very high.

    • Russ says:

      Not really. You hold it with the thunb supporting the back of the blade behind the hole. You can drive a straw through a potato like that

  10. Russ says:

    Looks interesting with the wave of the blade. Wonder if it will make it more difficult to remove if impaled into bone or between hard objects.

    Have a benchmade and love it. Great for use if CQB or if it goes to ground. Gives you the ability to create distance enough to draw your weapon from a concealed holster. Or as in CQB someone up close grabs the primary you can pop him and get distance to make the shot. The hole is so you do not have to drop the blade and can use the pistol or long gun as needed after the strike

  11. Russ says:

    As for “jacking up” your hand. The way you support the back of the hole with your thumb prevents that from happening. You can drive a straw through a potato with that grip. Also it really does not matter if you cut your hand. If you need to use this then you will be in a world of hurt if you don’t do something quick. Thus the design. Lets you move fast and get back to the real deal. You know the one that gives the guy lead poisoning. Not meant to sit there and jab away forever.