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Kitanica Brush Pants

For some, Kitanica’s designs are too radical, but I think these new Brush Pants will garner a wider appeal.

Kitanica Brush Pants

Manufactured from 100% Cotton Duck in a Brown color, these will fit in just as well at the range as they do in town or on the farm. With bartacked seams and reinforced seat, they feature 2 hip pockets, 2 rear pockets and a knife/accessory pocket on the right leg. Pay attention to the take up tabs and sizing, you may want to go down a size if you are in between.



25 Responses to “Kitanica Brush Pants”

  1. Luke says:

    I was expecting them to be priced such that they’d have a hard time competing with kuhl, vertx or mountain khakis, but for $99 I think they’ll really do well with the dedicated “made in USA” shoppers.

    and I would agree, this is probably the first kitanica product I would every seriously consider buying myself.

  2. Jack says:

    They’ve wisely toned down the styling to where I can see myself wearing this, but they still are $20-30 higher than what I would want to pay. Looks like a high quality pant with lots of features, but unless they go on sale I’ll stick with my Carharts and Mountain Khakis.

    • colby says:

      Agreed if they were cheaper I would buy a pair of these in an instant.

      • SSD says:

        They are a Made in USA. Those extra few bucks help Americans earn a living for their families.

        • Jack says:

          No argument there. I support American made gear when I can. But those few extra bucks are mine…I earned them, and they’re staying in my pocket because I can get a similar product for $40 less.

          • JW says:

            $99 is extremely reasonable for US made pair of pants. You can easily spend twice that on some import crap like arcteryx.

            Price is good, my only gripe with kitanica is their weird choice for colors

          • SSD says:

            Understood. But don’t complain that your neighbor is on food stamps. Americans can either support each other in business or on the dole.

        • Jack says:

          Oh gee in that case…I mean if it’s gonna keep my neighbor off foodstamps it’d just be unAmerican not to buy a pair. Thanks for setting me straight.

          • Giovani says:

            I think you missed his point. It seems to me that the same people who decry welfare, are the same who are willing to put their money in Walmart’s pockets for a cheaper product, whilst complaining about the premium price American quality demands. They fail to make the connection between the economy, the transition to an insular service economy, and what it’s going to take to change back to one focused on exportation and manufacturing.

            Buy once, cry once.

          • SSD says:

            Or, you could just be yet another reason our country is so screwed up.

        • Jack says:

          I don’t want to drop 99 bucks on a pair of pants and I’m why our country is screwed up? Is that really where you’re going with this? That’s a pretty dick move and some childish crap.

          You’ve got my email, why don’t you message me there and we can talk about this without it turning into an internet slap fight. Or don’t, whatever. But don’t call me out like I don’t love America over a pair of pants.

  3. Ipkiss says:

    Just curious as people seem to be offended by the high price (in their eyes..); what do you guys normally spend on a pair of jeans?
    Over here (the Netherlands) a quality pair would cost you around $ 150. So on that account, I find these not that expensive considering they would be able to take a battering.

    • Luke says:

      cheap denim: $20
      Levis: $35-50
      carhartts $35-50
      quality imported outdoor or tactical pants (kuhl, Mt khakis, vertx etc.) $70-80

      I try to spend $20-30 on work pants and then buy 1 or 2 high quality pants for hiking/backpacking/range use.

      as of now I will admit that the only “Made in USA” pants I own are military surplus.

  4. mcs says:

    Kitanica’s style is always ballin’.
    One day maybe I can afford a pair in a cool camo…

  5. Bill says:

    The quality has to be significantly higher to compete with actual ” brush pants” at that price point. Carhartt, Riggs, some of the store brands, not only list for less, but are frequently on sale, which Kitanica doesn’t have the network or volume to do.

    It’s the antithesis of “tactical” but I wear brush pants during marijuana eradication, due to all the crap that has to be plowed through, all of which stings, sticks or pokes.

  6. SSD says:

    Just ordered a pair.

  7. sasa says:

    The good is that it has 100% cotton. So it will be gtg in the summer.

  8. Bill says:

    OTOH, calling them “brush pants” might be a stretch, as it doesn’t look like they have a double-front to the legs of actual brush-resistant stuff like Cordura.

    As for the price, that’s more than 2-3 pairs of Carhartts. I’d love to buy American, but I don’t want to be the one going on food stamps to do so.

  9. Giovani says:

    I own quite a few Kitanica products, and it’s more than clear to me that the quality stands up to abuse. Much rather spend more on fewer pieces of reliable gear, rather than the same amount on multiple pairs. It’s wasteful, cheap, and sustains outsourcing of manufacturing-something that’s sorely needed here.

  10. ShitStickMcIntyre says:

    I’d buy them if I wasn’t unemployed…

  11. Def says:

    Wished they offered different sizes for inseams

  12. Reverend says:

    Duluth Firehose Pants called, they want their idea back.

  13. Klaus says:

    sigh…I give up.

    Kitanica. Thank you for the excellent quality control, customer service, and products that put all this imported gear to shame.

  14. Exploriment says:

    I’m always amazed at people quibbling over $40 for pants and the like. $400 -mmmmhhhh that I could understand. $40? You just look like a nickle and diming cheapskate at that point.

    Given that 1100 women, pretty much kept prisoner and treated like slave labour, making cheap clothing for said nickle and diming cheapskates, were crushed to death in a building collapse in Bangladesh, I don’t think an extra $40 for pants made by people making a living wage in the USA, working under reasonable health and safety conditions, is really so onerous.