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New Products From SOD Gear

Some of the first products we ever wrote about on SSD were from Italian military clothing manufacturer SOD Gear. Looks like they are introducing some new gear.



8 Responses to “New Products From SOD Gear”

  1. EzGoingKev says:

    Do these guys have a US distributor?

    • 404953C says:

      They had something lined up with US Palm and TangoDown but I am 99% sure it fell through. I think there is some disconnect between what SOD wants out of a US distro and what US Companies are willing to offer.

  2. zandro says:

    they also ship all around the world !

  3. BrettW says:

    TangoDown is still working with them. Stay tuned for details.

    • FordGuy says:

      Brett, you are correct. There was a long effort to get the product made in the US, however it was price/quality/volume issues that prevented that from happening. We will import the Italian apparel in the near future.

  4. badjujuu says:

    Just be mindful in regards to sizes when ordering, I got couple things from them and was very specific when ordering. Unfortunately the parka jacket I ordered is huge, like really huge…I wear Medium.
    if anyone is interested…….its for sale

  5. Paolo says:

    Great stuff, they work with Tango Down…
    We work w their product…100% made in Italy

  6. Beardster says:

    I have also bought the parka in size M. First I thought it was way too erspacious for me. However, when used as it is intended – cargo pockets full and the elbow pads in place it fits me perfectly. It does not restrict movement even with a low vis BALCS carrier is worn under it. The SOD parka like others of it’s kin (smocks) are intented to replace the tell-tale day pack when needed. The parka/smock is not designed to be worn as a non-load carrying apparel. SOD provides very accurate size information upon email size inquiry.