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Agilite Mohawk Helmet Cover Pics from High Risk Training

The recently released Agilite Mohawk Ops-Core FAST helmet cover is gaining in popularity. In fact, Agilite just gave us an exclusive that they have already teamed up with US Military helmet giant Armorsource LLC to design the MICH version of the Mohawk which will be available soon from Armorsource. We are big fans of what we are seeing with Armorsource.


These new pictures from High Risk Training in Ohio provide the first good look at the Ops-Core version of the Mohawk.


Despite only having been launched a month or so ago, the reaction to the Mohawk has been outstanding and according to Agilite orders are flooding in for them. Users really like the functionality and design of the Mohawk, particularly when paired with bump helmets where its strategically-placed mesh sections allow for the free flow of air as well as its built in accessory retention system.


“We like the Mohawk Helmet Cover because of its versatility and ease of conversion,” said HRT President Jeem Newland. “We operate in different environments so being able to adapt to that is key. We are able to go from a black helmet to a Multicam cover in less than a minute allowing us to use 1 standard helmet and accessories”


In fact, Agilite Mohawks are now SOE for all instructors and staff at HRT, all of whom have been handpicked for their background and experience in military, law enforcement, and technology fields to provide our students with the best possible learning environment.

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3 Responses to “Agilite Mohawk Helmet Cover Pics from High Risk Training”

  1. Matt M says:

    Drop leg needs to not be a knee holster…

  2. Kris says:

    What kind of charge is that being placed on the door?

  3. TCBA_Joe says:

    Seeing some Wilcox RAPTRs, very cool.