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Berg Premier Camp Solutions Available From ADS

Berg has been around since 1883 and offers complete, turnkey camp solutions. The centerpiece of this capability is the E2S2 Disaster Response System that is reconfigurable for a variety of uses including billeting, medical and services such as dining. It meets ISO standards and can be stacked 9 high. Panel strength and durability are the result of SIP construction utilizing closed cell polyurethane foam, polypropylene honey comb core and fiberglass skin. This means units have an insulated R-Value of 15.

The customizable E2S2 base structure can be fully integrated with electrical, plumbing, communication, security and climate control features based on your specific mission requirements.


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3 Responses to “Berg Premier Camp Solutions Available From ADS”

  1. Mr. European says:

    Excellent for base building, disaster relief and infrastructure for large events.

  2. DEEBEES says:

    This is pretty cool, It would have been nice to have this in iraq about 10 years ago 🙁

  3. blue says:

    whats the pricing like? be good for the Bug Out Site