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Ares Micro Keeper Belt

The guys from Ares Armor showed me this cool belt at “The Shot Heard ‘Round The World” in New Hampshire this past April. Now, it’s finally available.


It’s a two-piece design that incorporates a lot of thought. Consisting of a Micro Belt and Keeper Belt, they work together as a System. Ares Armor released some info on it which I have offered here along with the photos I took in New Hampshire.

Ares Armor Micro Belt

inner belt 2

The Ares Armor Micro Belt has a tubular nylon core with a tensile strength of 6,000 lbs., an Austrialpin 1” Cobra Buckle of 18kn or approximately 4,500 tensile strength and an Austrialpin D Ring with a tensile strength of 5,000 lbs. making a rugged belt that would rip the end user in half before failing; but not to worry it has .25” closed cell foam for the end users comfort. It also has a .030” strip of plastic to aid in rigidity and securing your holster. On the outside are three stripes of .75” webbing. YKK loop lines the inside of the Micro Belt.

Although we do not intend for you to use the Micro Belt in a load bearing manner, and we assume not responsibility if you do; here is a picture of our heavily sleep deprived Product Engineer after a 90 hour work week prior to SHOT 2013 repelling off the pellet racks in the sew shop.


Ares Armor Keeper Belt (Hook Belt Liner)

Proprietary hook buckle, tailless design and hook covers provide a Keeper Belt unlike any other on the market. The Ares Armor Keeper Belt is made of YKK hook and loop, 6061 Aluminum buckle and Type 13 (1.75”) rigger belt webbing.

Micro Belt and Keeper Belt as a System

outer belt

The Ares Armor Micro and Keeper Belts are built to work together as a system. Unlike the conventional bulky MOLLE War Belts that slide around, the Micro Belt has a slimmer profile. This reduces unnecessary bulk and weight around the end users waist, increasing agility and stamina while locking into the keeper belt installed on the pants. The profile of this belt is so slim in fact it fits in the belt loops of most pants to include the 1” cobra buckle and D ring while maintaining the ability to attach most standard Molle accessories and Kydex belt loops. Unlike standard Keeper Belts that have a hook exposed all the time, the Ares Armor Keeper Belts have flaps to cover the hooks while not in use; so whether you are a civilian headed to the range or Military personnel on the FOB on standby for mission, the Micro Keeper Belt System is good for running slick or securing your sub-load.

inner belt

Micro Belt Tactical System Availability

Ares Armor Micro Belt Tactical System is driven by customer feedback and built quality integrity. The New Micro Belt is available for immediate purchase at:



2 Responses to “Ares Micro Keeper Belt”

  1. Casey says:

    This looks pretty awesome. Any idea if you can fit a Safariland UBL on it, or is it too thick?

  2. Ted says:

    Although their gear seems to be well made, and I really like the belt set up, I would caution buyers to be very careful when ordering, looks like they have been very questionable in customer service.