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Liberty Week

This week will mark the 237th year since our Founding Fathers declared our Independence from mother England. The reason? Why, liberty, of course. So why not use it as a theme over the course of the week?

So I leave it to you. If we are going to discuss Liberty, let’s choose a few topics and take them on, one per day. What say you? Got any ideas?

8 Responses to “Liberty Week”

  1. Mike D says:

    What about the Sons of Liberty?

  2. Jason W says:

    Constitution, and the freedoms we fought for?

  3. Another chuck says:

    The Intolerable Acts

  4. Desert rat says:

    Liberty as a natural right or the construct of 18th century enlightenment reasoning?

  5. Desert Lizard says:

    The connection between liberty and capitalism.

  6. Baldwin says:

    237 years and we’re still complaining about how our liberties are being trampled upon. We’ve all been to too many places that don’t have even a microscopic taste of liberty. In comparison we have it coming out of our…ears. Let’s talk about how good we have it. Just saying.

  7. mike says:

    Individual gun ownership…

  8. Ed says:

    Individual gun ownership, and if you could not afford one, then one would be provided for you. The militia consists of the able bodied, not just those who can provide their own arms.
    Now we just provide attorneys for those cannot afford one to ensure fair trials.