215 Gear Launches New Gloves


Operators Extremely Light Weight Glove was designed as an extremely light weight, breathable glove for Special Operations use. The ergonomic cut of this glove does not have long fingers or short thumbs, as many import gloves do. Leather palms and reinforcements allow for maximum dexterity, while providing outstanding traction in wet conditions. The entire upper of the glove is made from our custom, highly breathable mesh. The cuff stops at the wrist, for less heat retention. Low profile carabineer loop for hanging on kit.

Available in Small (8), Medium (9), Large (10), X-large (11)

And, you can save this weekend on these new gloves as well as other 215 Gear during the Red, White, Blue sale.


3 Responses to “215 Gear Launches New Gloves”

  1. Caleb says:

    I’m curious what about these gloves make them specifically designed for “Special Operations” use.

    • mike says:

      because special operations use is what the designer intended. just like making something can be designed for airsofters, which this is not.

      “intent” is the simple answer to your question.

  2. Luke says:

    thats a hell of a price for a USA leather glove. very tempting.