Original Open Heel FROG FIN Once Again In Production


Currently the sole source to buy the Open Heel FROG FIN is from OCEAN ENTERPRISES in San Diego, CA. They are working hand-in-hand with the manufacture to fill requests from Military and civilian end users.


3 Responses to “Original Open Heel FROG FIN Once Again In Production”

  1. guerrilla says:

    They still don’t make them in normal man sizes.

    • R Jones says:

      Sizes currently available are men’s Large 9-11. If we have enough requests for larger sizes we will consider making bigger foot pockets. Send me your request!!!

    • mike says:

      funny thing about combat swimmers, they average out to be small guys with short limbs. something about biomechanical advantages for swimming 😉

      it really doesn’t make sound financial sense to have “man” sizes like 14EEEE on hand when they will sell one, maybe two, in the history of the product.