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New SSD Sale Post Policy

Our sweet spot for articles is generally in the 6-24 hour window meaning we have a pretty good idea of what will be posting within that period of the future. This is because most articles are written at some point in this window of time before being published and are prescheduled. Frequently, we have to preempt this schedule to address breaking news.

Regularly, we receive sale notices from companies that want us to inform our quite substantial reader base about their sales. It’s a free service that we provide to industry. But, all too often, we receive these notices at the last moment and we are expected to just put them up regardless of anything else we may have planned. Unfortunately, this phenomenon tends to interrupt weekends and holidays (SSD published 365 days a year).

On an editorial level, these sales don’t do anything for SSD but we share them in order to let our readers know about deals. But, because these sale notices are increasingly being sent to us just as the sale commences, we must take measures to better integrate them into our editorial queue.

Consequently, beginning 9 July, 2013, sale notices must be submitted 48 hours before their desired publication. For example, if we receive a notice of a sale beginning on Thursday 11 July, we’d need to receive that notice on 9 July. If it shows up on 11 July, it’s going to be published on the 13th.

We are investing a great deal of time and money in a new solution that will allow vendors to post their own sales, free of charge. This will be great for vendor and reader alike, as it will be a one-stop for deals. But, until then, this policy will have to suffice in order to prioritize the editorial content of SSD.

9 Responses to “New SSD Sale Post Policy”

  1. mike says:

    I’m glad to see hard deadlines like this. Makes it easier to tell the people who make sale decisions last minute that the notice won’t get posted…

  2. reverend says:

    That’s a very reasonable request considering it’s FREE ADVERTISING! I cannot see why any retailer/wholesaler would complain.

  3. Haji says:

    Good for you, SSD. I’m all for this change!

  4. Dead On The X says:

    Hard to believe industry shops don’t already know to do something like this, out of common courtesy, for such great FREE resource. As push-button as the world’s become, there are still people on the other end that need time to push their buttons to get your info out there.

  5. Mayflower Research & Consulting says:

    Does this mean I can’t email you on July 4th while your our by your pool and expect you to dry off and post my sale immediately?

  6. Baldwin says:

    I never stopped to consider all the work involved in getting SSSD out to us. Labor of love or not, it’s still work when it’s all said and done. THANKS SSD!!!!

  7. AlexC says:

    How does SSD make money? From the sidebar Ads only or is there more revenue stream?