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ODG Ops-Core Maritime FAST Helmet Cover

I ordered the ODG helmet cover and here it is. At first I was a little worried that it wouldn’t stay secure but so far, no worries.

ODG Cover

The Orion Design Group helmet cover is available in two cuts, for the Ops-Core FAST and Maritime helmets. It features a durable four-way stretch fabric that is weather resistant and offers a snug fit. Multiple tie down points and printed loop offer a secure attachment point for optics cabling and IFF. The cover also includes a built in strobe bungie to secure an IR strobe. Manufactured by London Bridge Trading in the USA and available in MultiCam.

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19 Responses to “ODG Ops-Core Maritime FAST Helmet Cover”

  1. JW says:

    you mean you got it for free with the helmet im sure..

    looks neat but dont see any advantage over first spears hybrid cover

    • SSD says:

      Do you make it a habit of calling people liars? I bought it douchebag.

      • Lasse says:

        Even if you got it for free, would that be an issue? Not in my opinion.

      • Nattydreddbushdoc says:

        The first sentence says SSD “ordered”it. There used to be a time when a man’s word meant something. Questioning someone’s integrity was a big deal back then and still is today in certain circles. People need to go back to that way of thinking. Maybe then more people would think before they speak.

    • ODG says:

      JW first off SSD did purchase the cover at full retail, secondly we designed First Spear”s cover for them and our cover incorporates 2 features that their cover does not, Cable routing and tie down points, and a built in strobe tie down bungie.

      • Roecar says:

        Do you think you guys might be making other cuts for ACH/PASGTs/etc?

        • ODG says:

          Roecar, yes they are in the design pipe as well. But won’t be ready for a awhile!

          • Stu says:


            Just got mine a few days back, enjoying the cable routing straps over the FS option.

            Any chance for some other pattern offerings besides MultiCam in the future?

          • Stu says:

            Disregard, just read below. Serves me right for not reading all before commenting ><

  2. jack says:

    The question I have is why on earth the first retail products ODG comes up with uses a competitor pattern?
    Granted, it’s certainly easier to sell multicam gear to the masses, but still, coming from a camo manufacturer it sends a weird message IMO…

    • SSD says:

      They had a customer ask for them in MultiCam.

    • ODG says:

      Jack, that’s a great question, as SSD indicated we had military customers ask for them. However more importantly we at ODG look at life, design, and business very, “Asymmetrically”. Instead of asking “Why?” we often say, “Why not”? This industry is full of companies with no creativity, no vision, and scared to death of risk. We make a point to not follow the herd. Multicam is the golden standard, and is issued to all of our military customers it only makes sense from a business standpoint that we offer products in that color way. Remember we are a design shop first, camouflage company second. Be patient Jack our patterns are coming soon.

      • JM says:

        Good thinking ODG. Interested in seeing whats next..

      • BM says:

        Good response ODG.

      • jack says:

        Thanks for your answer ODG!
        From the limited exposure I had to your designs in trade shows, I can see the open minded approach you cultivate, and I respect all the more the choice you made to go with what works rather than coming up with lenghty explanations about how multicam is terrible while your own stuff is so much better.
        Still, I wish you offered an ODG pattern option from the get go, but I’m sure there’s a good reason why it is not here yet. I’ll take your advice and wait patiently!

  3. Great job ODG now hurry up and get your camo out there.

    • ODG says:

      Thanks for the support guys, no one wants to get our stuff out to market worse than us. I promise, ODG Gear, and clothing are coming soon. I appreciate everyone’s patience but the ugly little world of design and manufacturing is a tricky labyrinth. Some times you run into Pan who plays his little flute and promises you gold and riches and while your sleeping he reaches into your satchel and steals your helmet cover design. Sometimes you turn a corner and there is a crazy web design minotaur you have to tackle and kill with your Kabar because they go insane and refuse to finish your website as per the contract, but sometimes you get lucky and run into a friend who guides you through the labyrinth and delivers you to an oasis where people keep their promises and timelines and you actually get gear into production.