New Film Company Panteao Pictures Announces Project

I found out about the launch of Panteao Pictures and this project the other day and I’m intrigued.

Fernando Coelho, the President/CEO of Panteao Productions, is proud to announce the launch of the sister company to Panteao Productions, Panteao Pictures. Panteao Productions will continue to produce instructional, industrial, and documentary videos. Panteao Pictures will take on the role of producing a motion picture. The film, called Alexander’s Bridge, is currently in pre-production and scheduled for a fall 2014 theatrical release.

Instructors from the Panteao Productions Make Ready series of videos will be having cameo roles in the film. Tom Spooner, Scot Spooner, J.D. Potynsky, John Spears, and Don Gross are on board as technical advisors for the film. Tom, Scot, and J.D. will be training the lead actors of the film as well as having roles in the film. Filming will be done on location in Georgia.

The original story is by Fernando Coelho. The screenplay is by Fernando Coelho, Scot Spooner, and John Spears.

This isn’t Fernando Coelho’s first step into the film world. In 1989 he was involved in a motion picture that was filmed on location in Malaysia. It was produced by Sunny Films and directed by Toby Russell (son of director Ken Russell). The film was called the DaDah Connection. Fernando co-wrote the screenplay, played a bad guy in the film, blocked out scenes and choreographed the gunplay.

“With my previous experience from working with Toby Russell on the DaDah Connection and more recently the videos Panteao Productions produced, I felt it was time to tackle a project that I have wanted to pursue since my ammo days”, said Fernando. “With the experience of our existing crew members and additional crew we are bringing on board, this is going to be a top notch production with the end result being a film that will be out there for decades to come.”

When asked what the film was about, all Fernando would say is, “It involves a small group of Delta Operators that are put into the middle of a battle they never thought they would face. Beyond that, ya gotta wait for the trailer to come out.”

Panteao Pictures launched the website for the motion picture ( as well as a Facebook page ( Panteao will be making regular updates to the website and FB pages, keeping folks up to date on the project.

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2 Responses to “New Film Company Panteao Pictures Announces Project”

  1. Shawn says:

    Not sure if I can sit through an action movie of theirs if its written and filmed as poorly as their current work. Count me out.

  2. jack says:

    I’m just hoping it won’t be as cheesy as the short “fiction” they shot for TNVC not so long ago… talk about horrible editing.

    That said, they bring a lot of respected people with tons of knowledge to the table, so I’ll keep my finger crossed.