SIG Sauer Academy

In Case You Were Wondering Where I Was All Day

Thank you Grey Group Training and Daniel Defense.

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23 Responses to “In Case You Were Wondering Where I Was All Day”

  1. “It took a licking but still keeps on ticking….” Did the vehicle start back up?

  2. Mike says:

    First I was like “Where the targets?”, then I was like “oh….that van is gonna get it”

  3. chris says:

    They hit it from that distance??? Man, those guys are good!

  4. Todd says:

    Is this why we can’t get any ammo ?

  5. Sgt E says:

    Well crap… I forgot where I had parked the wife’s van… she isn’t going to be too happy when she finds out.

  6. Johann says:

    What a waste of ammo!
    What a waste of training time!
    Yes, I am green with envy! Lol.

  7. G says:

    SOB and with his signature “Car Kill” finishing move.

  8. Big_Juju says:

    I was wondering where I had parked the car …

  9. Mark says:

    Hope they got the rental insurance…….

  10. jack says:

    What? No volunteer to record the action from the car POV??

  11. asjadest says:

    And…what they learned?

    • Iceman says:

      I learned that blazing a minivan from 10 yds away with 30 guys on the line is awesome. Thanks Shrek and GGT.

  12. Cardiac says:

    What I learned was a first hand demonstration of “get behind the engine.” What you don’t see on that video is that the front quarter panel opposite the firing line is virtually unblemished despite well over a thousand rounds of varying calibers being thrown at it in the span of a couple minutes.

  13. Gus K. says:

    If he’s in there, he ain’t happy

  14. Matt Lacombe says:

    How ’bout that. Ain’t that something.

  15. Bill says:

    I’m guessing that reduces the salvage value, kind of tough to part that one out. But I bet the look on the scrapyard guy’s face in pricless when the rollback brings that in. About all that stolen copper wire…

    Looks like fun, but I’d like to see pictures of the inside of the windshield, interior and as already pointed out, the opposite side, particularly the right front. Engine blocks, batteries motor and strut mounts can be pretty sturdy.

    What isn’t fun is when somebody does that on a range you manage without telling you, leaving said manager to clean up the mess. Push the damn thing over a tarp, and removing the battery along with the fluids keeps the little woodland creatures happy and the EPA and soil and water people off your back.

  16. Ag47 says:

    What a waste of Ammo.

  17. Sal Palma says:

    Some people would look at that and say you guys pissed away more money in ammo than the minivan was worth.

    But, hey that was a priceless moment was it not?

  18. BradKAF308 says:

    You keep showing these videos to show how much your life sucks. We really feel for you. Poor guy.

  19. fox says:

    WHOA WHOA WHOA WHOOOOOA! …..Nice shootin’ Tex!

  20. Team_Room says:

    Thirty guys lined up to dump ammo at a car from ten yards? WTF is all I can say….

    When everyone was done did they tazer it?