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Magpul Sues 4 Magazine Manufacturers for Patent Infringement – UPDATED

Today, Magpul posted a statement on their website regarding their lawsuits against four companies alleging patent infringement. I’d like to know which four companies as well and as soon as my PACER account is back up, I’ll let you know.

UPDATED – The 4 companies are:
Plinker Tactical
Big Rock Sports DBA Swampfox
Promag Ind
Cole Ind

Magpul Industries Corp announced today that it has filed patent infringement lawsuits against four companies for offering for sale, selling, and distributing magazines for AR15/M16 compatible weapons in violation of Magpul’s patents. The company’s lawsuits allege infringement of Utility Pat. No. 8,069,601 for a novel ammunition magazine, in addition to numerous Magpul design patents.

The lawsuits, filed in United States District Court, Colorado, provide another example of Magpul’s dedication to protecting its valuable brand while sending a warning to others attempting to infringe on our innovations. “These patents exemplify the industrial design-focused spirit at Magpul, which drives us to create novel solutions that enhance user experience with our products,” said Duane Liptak, Director of Product Management and Marketing for Magpul Industries. “People who use Magpul products have high expectations and a great deal of trust regarding the value, quality, and amount of thought put into every design we release. As such, we cannot allow others to misappropriate the patented technology that helps us generate that consumer confidence and trust.”

The lawsuits are the largest and most significant to date brought by Magpul, and are part of the company’s ongoing proactive efforts to combat the unlawful production, distribution, and sale of products that infringe on its valuable intellectual property rights.


16 Responses to “Magpul Sues 4 Magazine Manufacturers for Patent Infringement – UPDATED”

  1. Adam B says:

    You can see why. The PROMAG one is almost exactly a PMAG with 1st Gen ribbing.

  2. Leo says:


  3. straps says:

    Promag. I’m shocked. SHOCKED, I tell you…

  4. Aaron says:

    I saw some ‘pro’mags at Cabela’s one day. My only thought was “I see what you did there.”

  5. Chris says:

    But did anyone notice the eerily familiar looks of the swamp fox stocks?

  6. Juan Bravo says:

    SSD thanx for providing links for easy analysis; now I have added four more ‘Outfits’ to steer clear of and spread the ‘social media’ word about…

  7. CapnTroy says:

    Hopefully the trials move along quickly so Magpul can use the awards to help fund their relocation… 🙂

  8. Quad7 says:

    Brought to you by the same company that said it would leave Colorado if the restrictive laws were passes.

    But still hasn’t managed to do so.

    • SSD says:

      I’m just curious. Do you happen to own a business? Or better yet, a manufacturing business? One with factories? And a large distribution system? And hundreds of employees? And did you also happen to recently pick that whole company up and move it to another state?

      No? Didn’t think so. I can tell because your statement was was so naive.

    • orly? says:


      Think about what you just said.


    • JEFF says:

      I’m curious if Magpul will still leave if the recall elections actually work and the legistlation gets changed.

      • Mike Nomad says:

        Talked to the Magpul guys at the NRA show (months ago). All of the manufacturing had been moved out of CO, and spread across several states. The only thing left (then) still in CO was the main office.

        Said they were taking their time about moving the last bit, trying to be cool to employees (moving their job), and balance that against all the other BS that comes with running a business.

        • Haji says:

          They stated early on that they intended to leave a footprint in CO to remind people that the politicians they elected pushed a multi-million dollar company out of CO.

  9. Roulette says:

    I will be buying a crap load of Magpul’s competitors magazines (those Promags and Cole look nice). They have no problem supplying L.E.O.’s in police states (New York for example). This is not a boycott. Just a slap in the face that I am sure they could care less about but makes me feel better. You do not have to agree.