Additional Details On The New Army Physical Fitness Uniform

This is the briefing provided to senior Army leaders regarding the new Army Physical Fitness Uniform. I am no longer in the Army but as a former Soldier, I really like what they’ve done. Traditionally, going back to the banana suit (yes, I’m that old) Army issue PT uniforms haven’t been much to write home about. For those of you unfamiliar, the Army colors are Black and Yellow so a Black PT uniform is quite fitting. For those of you worried about being run over by a maniacal driver during periods of darkness; never fear, your trusty companion the reflective belt won’t be going away.








If you read the last post on the APFU, which featured Slide 4, and the associated comments, you will recall that a Ft Bragg-based Soldier mentioned recently participating in a recent Limited User Evaluation. It’s also mentioned in this brief. And, even more interestingly, the formal announcement is slated for 1st Qtr, FY 2014. The APFU announcement was originally to coincide with the Camo announcement. I’d say this adds even more credence to the idea that the Camo announcement is now scheduled for AUSA.

If anyone wants to share the Camo Improvement Effort slides, I’d be most obliged.

57 Responses to “Additional Details On The New Army Physical Fitness Uniform”

  1. bill says:

    such a waste of money

    • Paul says:

      My feelings exactly. What an incredible waste of time and money……all for a friggin’ PT uniform.

    • Ted says:

      Retire, resign, or don’t reenlist- in any event, you won’t have to wear the new PT uniform AND (and this is a BIG AND) we will know what your breaking point is! Bill- you are in the Army, aren’t you?

  2. AZCorporal says:

    I’m so glad they couldn’t make it reflective like every other service’s PT uniform. I love having a belt choke me while I run and have civilians stare at it like I’m a retard in need of protection. Those are always huge morale boosters. I could forgive that though if they would just give us a new combat uniform camo so I wouldn’t have to “notionally” camouflage myself on recon lanes.

    • reverend says:

      ROTFLMAO! FTW!!!!

    • Ted says:

      Maybe if you had a mentally handicapped child in your family you would understand how hurtful it is the way you use the word “retard”. I will just go with the assumption that you are an ignorant person, and have little or no tact.

      • Sean says:

        It’s kinda retarded to get upset over language–especially when speaking with soldiers. We’re pretty much the crassest group of well meaning people you’ll meet. Grow some thicker skin.

      • CPT Obvious says:

        HAHA… Retard

  3. SpcPoole says:

    I am looking forward to getting them. I have hatted the IPFU more than the mash-mellow suit I fist got. I don’t think they are a wast of money at all. Better fabric and a better fit will be a great plus. I like the fact that over all it has a loser fit less elastic. The winter shit color would choke me and the jacket all was would chafe at the wrist when you would sweat and ride up your back.

  4. Jed Eckert says:

    Well thank god it’s not mandatory until after I retire…one less uniform to buy again.

    • Ted says:

      Retire early- we don’t need “negatrons” like you in the Army. Thanks for your service! Would you like a cookie?

  5. Mike B. says:

    I think that seeing the soldiers wearing the full uniform with the reflective belt around their torso like that is a mess. The Army can’t come up with a better option for that in todays age.. I just don’t understand why they couldn’t make a uniform with belt built into the uniform.. Or better yet, why not come up with a better way for soldiers to run PT without having to wear a belt.. I remember in DIV that the main roads were closed off during the hours of PT.. I still never heard of anyone getting run over during PT. But have heard of people getting shot down or at at Division. How about a refective hat?

  6. reverend says:

    I’m curious why they couldn’t have made the YELLOW part REFLECTIVE!

    It’s a simply material change… oh wait! This is the branch that cannot figure out CAMO! Sorry, mah bad!

  7. Aaron says:

    Why not red white and blue you know…like the colors?

    I showed that the photo to a few of my NCOs and their first reaction was: “that’s some ring knocker bullshit, SIR!”

    • Ted says:

      If it were “ring knocker” it would include the color gray- oh wait, the old one was gray! Oh my you have been a West Point Wanna Be for a while already! Jokes on you, knuckle head.

  8. Pat says:

    I personally am glad they got rid of the stupid reflective surface. The integrated reflective stuff doesn’t last, and the reflective belt is not that inconvenient

  9. DGR says:

    I don’t get to say this very often, so I’m going to say it….. *clears throat* I feel so sorry for you poor Army folks, but even the Air Force PTU looks better than that (well, except the blue condom jacket hood part)…. Well ok, it doesn’t look worse than the AF PTU, but we have cool reflective logos so….. WINNING!!! I can legitimately make fun of another services uniform as our version is actually better, I can finally die a happy man! Now let me go put on my green fairy boots and go to work….

  10. Jon says:

    I’m glad it only took 2 years to improve the IPFU. How long has the ACU taken? who really cares about the PT uniform when our duty uniform doesn’t perform while deployed. If they want to save money, then one set of camo and one set of OCIE rather then having to buy UCP, and Multicam?
    Honestly, could the higher-ups be less worried about their NCOER/OERs and a little more worried about the troops, that would be SUPER. I’m so glad I’m out and don’t have to deal with Senior Officers and SNCOs just worrying about their careers and politics.

  11. Omega6-2 says:

    Cant wait to pt in the nice hot sun wearing black. Way to go guys!

    • Kuko says:

      Yeah… this is their BEST idea yet since making an uniform that won’t fit the standards for the desert.. (ACU)

  12. Mick says:


    Would you predict that the Army would follow a similar fielding plan/timeline for Camo Improvement stuff as with the PT uniform? It’s a lot more complicated with the OCIE, I know, but still… is it reasonable to assume the Army wants us in new field uniforms as a requirement by 2018?

  13. pbr549 says:

    The Ranger Regiment has been wearing solid black PTs for over 20 years and they havent bitched about it being too hut. The few SF guys I saw doing Pt at Bragg wore black Ranger panties and some type of black t-shirt and they didnt bitch being too hot.

    I think we should just go with tank tops and Ranger panties Army wide, then there would be no question as to AR 600-9 compliance LOL.

  14. Aaron says:

    I hope everyone remembers this:

  15. Chris Meyer says:

    Since there’s a built in PT belt, will we still have to wear PT belts?

  16. Aaron says:

    Notice how they only tested the black…sounds like they already had the decision made.

  17. Nick the Brit says:

    Find the comments on here interesting… The Army tried to build reflective capabilities into the IPFU and we saw how well that worked out! I actually filled out the survey they did, and this version was by far the best option that they had on there. For my first 4 years in the army I wore black on black PTs and didn’t have issues. Seems like a lot of this is bitching for bitchings sake. The uniform is cheaper, lighter, (should) fit better, and looks (somewhat) better. What’s the downside?

    • Army Doc says:

      Agreed. It is simple, better material, and looks good without being outlandish or fadish. Who cares that it is black? Because a light black sweat wicking t-shirt is the difference between a comfortable PT day and an unbearable hot one? Lets get real people and stop bitching for bitchings sake.

      There is plenty of things to complain about in the Army, but this is not one of them.

  18. Roy says:

    Closer and closer to Star Trek one piece bodysuit.

  19. Goofymac says:

    I believe a change in the PT uniform is a good thing. I would like to not have to wear a reflective belt while doing PT. It seems that the Army could incorporate that feature in this uniform very easily.

    The Air Force does it extremely well. The Yellow can act as a reflective item much better and more effectively than the old Gray on Gray. Especially in the Jacket. Putting a reflective Army logo on the back of the PT Shirt is not a bad Idea and leaving the reflective feature on the shorts is a good idea as well. There are better ways of getting the reflective materials to adhea

    • SSD says:

      The Air Force PT uniform is absolutely horrible. It is a blue and silver version of the IPFU. They have yet to fix any of the fit issues associated with it.

      • Goofymac says:

        I was referring to the reflective properties of the uniform. Unfortunately my post was cut off before the end and I could not edit it.

  20. Jon Meyer says:

    They should have went with that same cut but in olive drab or ranger green with black logos/lettering. The only way they could have chosen a worse/cheesier color combo was to make it all UCP; though they did add a retarded reflective pixel pattern in the newest version of IPFU.

    • SSD says:

      The Marines have an OD PT uniform. And, Foliage Green will be going away with the camo pattern. Like it to not, as I pointed out. Those are Army colors.

  21. COL REMF says:

    Woo Hoo and hooray for the 2018 wear-out date of the current APFU, as I intend to retire before then.

    • Ted says:

      Hey REMF- leave now and take your bad attitude with you! Thanks for your service! Want a cookie?

  22. Brackett says:

    How come nobody has said anything about the awful ‘Army Star’ logo on this uniform. It looks terrible, keep that logo in the recruiting office where it belongs. I was so glad when they finally took it off of the combat shirts.

  23. egs says:

    X-Men, UNITE!!
    well, it looks like a super hero costume to me. heros not included.

  24. JBAR says:

    Why do the jackets have an extra yellow stripe in the Power Point photos? Oh….those must be reflective belts. Looks like fun. When you grunts can start doing real PT, come find the Navy. We do not need fairy belts.

    • Jason says:

      LOL…yeah, the Navy def leads the services when it comes to PT. you’ve had a PT uniform for all of what, 5 whole years?

  25. Gene says:

    So for all of you bitching about the uniform how many completed the survey?
    I did and got the things I wanted, moisture wicking fabric in the shirt and better fabrics in the pants and shorts.

    How many read the remarks in the survey/e-mail.
    Your Sergeants Major chose to keep the PT belt and get rid of the reflective feature. That was stated clearly in the comments.

    I guess my point is most Soldiers didn’t take the time to be part of the process, even though it was on their AKO. But some are willing to come on an open source website and embarass themselves by dogging their own organization.

    • Chuck says:

      First of all, now that most everyone has been migrated to enterprise email, traffic on AKO should drop dramatically, so find another way to push surveys out.

      Second, I did fill out the survey and got some of what I wanted, some I didn’t, for example putting the horrible star logo on the uniform is an idiotic idea.

      Third, the Army does a bang up job of embarrassing itself with stupid decisions. We walk around everyday wearing a “combat” uniform that is one gigantic embarrassment that won’t go away. A gag order wouldn’t fix that.

  26. harry says:

    The Fitness Uniform looks very cool!

  27. Ryan says:

    I think a new shirt was required. Shit was so hot.

  28. Dudeman says:

    I am not looking forward to running in the sun with a black shirt. Just sayin….

    • Ted says:

      It will be OK you won’t melt. Are you overweight? because if you are it will make you look like a stuffed black and gold sausage with a star on it!

  29. Average Joe says:

    I like how the the soldier feedback mentions the “perception” that black is hotter but can be compensated for by light fabric. What about a light colored shirt made from that same compensating light fabric? (mind blown)

  30. Jason says:

    “Solders want to do more PT” said no one ever. Really Ft Lewis? Own stock in this company?

  31. Stupid enlisted guy. says:

    I am embarrassed by this. I hate to say this as a Soldier of 16 years, but how has it come to this? When is this organization going to look at function over fashion? The Marine Corps absolutely has hit their PT uniform out of the park (not even going to jump into the camoflauge debate). They have a six piece system. Shorts, t-shirt, sweatshirt, sweatpants, RUNNING Jacket and running pants. The USMC t-shirts double as undergarments (green) and their shorts can too. Why, in ten million years, would we want to haul 4 extra BLACK shirts across the world (To a desert no less) to do PT? talk about lightening the duffel bag, make the Army Pt Shirt in tan and make it multi use. 4 less shirts to carry times x number of Soldiers, saves on space, fuel, supply issues. Am I the only one seeing this?

    • CPT Obvious says:

      Cheers brother. Completely agree. we already have tshirts They are tan. Fashion police everywhere can get bent. shorts are the only additional thing that should have to be in a ruck. all that other stuff is for REMFs and POGs to walk around in. I give it about 2.3 seconds before I see someone with the jacket on and a pair of jeans down at wal mart. PEO soldier is a joke.