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Commercial Carbine No 1 from Hodge Defense

The elves at Hodge Defense have been hard at work building up carbines.


This is AU-MOD 1 No 11 and bound for DSG Arms. They will be receiving this rifle and several like it soon. I got a chance to handle one of the prototypes last week and I’m very impressed with the workmanship and choice of components.


11 Responses to “Commercial Carbine No 1 from Hodge Defense”

  1. Stefan S. says:

    Another AR? Yawn!

    • Will says:

      No wait. this one has Magpul furniture and a freefloat rail …err, okay, not new, but a mid-length gas system and .. um, a pictograph selector?
      uhh, picatanny slick rail with adjustable rails, and um … and stuff, yeah, there is stuff that really make this one better.

      Damnit, just look at the rusty background, this is really a hard use rifle damnit! Buy itttt!!!

      • SSD says:

        I like it when people feel the need to talk about things they don’t know about.

    • SSD says:

      Yes, I know, when you own a Bushmaster, it’s hard to spot quality.

  2. TW says:

    Will and Stefan,
    The great thing is not everyone has to get it. If you get it great,if not don’t worry about it. I guess you guys have a company that makes AR’s? A company that does special work for Daniel Defense? Yawn, you don’t need one.

  3. James says:

    OK…how much? and where can we get our hands on one?

  4. Bill says:

    I get it, and don’t get it. It’s like digital cameras, cell phones and cars. Some are better than others, but they are all essentially variations on a theme, and really radical improvements are rare. It also must take a business plan with balls, seeing as everyone from huge conglomerates down to guys in their garages are churning out ARs.

    Let’s face it, anyone who can access the Brownell’s website can build a gun out of other companies components, and you can have a Glock that has absolutely no Glock parts in it. We should stop calling our current conflicts Small Wars, and start calling them Small Tech Wars.

  5. B307 says:

    You know, there is a lot of shit talk and complaining by people on here that have no clue what it takes to start a business in this economy and political climate. Also they are the same assholes who wine when they try to order a rifle and get told it’s going to be a 6 month wait and then when a former operator who is renowned amongst the most elite brings his badass rifles to market for all you winers out there so you don’t have to wait six months you talk shit.

    if you get it, you get….nuff said!

    • Bill says:

      To try to start a business building ARs in this political and economic climate, when there are about 150 other companies doing the exact same thing, as I said, takes balls, because you don’t need a Harvard MBA to recognize market saturation, drawdowns and budgetary shortfalls that make it harder to justify buying nice to have versus need to have. If I was the owner or stockholder in a fighting rifle company I’d like a 6 month back-log. If I’m pushing them out the door as fast as people are buying them it means in a couple years I’ll have rental storage units full of receivers that are worth scrap value and rifles that sell for about 75 bucks.

      “former operator who is renowned amongst the most elite brings his badass rifles…”
      I don’t know the guy: does all that translate to “excellent rifle designer and ‘smith?” No one ever called John Moses Browning an operator, but he designed and made a badass tool for killing bad guys with.

      • Just a guy says:

        Bil, as we can all see you really seem to be a guy that has never left his couch, served with the owner in Afghanistan like I have and just wants to talk and HOPE SOMEBODY LISTENS. Go back to reality TV and live there