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Outdoor Retailer – TASC

I’ve written about TASC and their great clothing made from proprietary bamboo fabrics several times. In fact, my favorite T-shirts are TASC Carrollton. For a long time I’ve hopes that they’d offer these in Desert Sand and finally they are available. I cannot recommend the TASC Carrollton enough. With raglan sleeves, flat seams and a comfortable, loose fit, the Carrollton has seen me through many an active day. The bamboo fibers have an inherent ability to wick moisture and is antimicrobial. Additionally, it is very breathable and comfortable against the skin. Because these properties are at the fiber level, they won’t wash out.


Below is the Hybrid Fitted Short Sleeve which integrates flow mesh panels for cooling and is more of an active wear piece.




2 Responses to “Outdoor Retailer – TASC”

  1. Jake says:

    Anybody know if these are FR?

  2. Six says:

    Which of these shirts would you recommend more for wearing under soft armor? Will the extra price of the hybrid shirt be wasted by wearing armor over the mesh side panels? Thanks for posting this, an interesting way to make a performance shirt