MSM Adapt Pack


The Adapt is Mil Spec Monkey’s first foray into the world of pack design. Manufactured by Tactical Tailor it is an adaptable design that can be set up as a dual-strap pack or a single-strap from either side.


The pack bag offers PALS webbing, shock cord and a color matched loop field. There is a hydration pocket which can also be used to store the shoulder straps when not in use. For example, when the pack is attached directly to a vest with its incorporated hardware.


The generous main compartment incorporates two bottle holders. Additionally, an exterior pocket has a loop field on the interior to attach Velcro backed pouches or holsters.

Made in USA and offered in Black, Marine Coyote, MultiCam, Ranger Green and Urban.


11 Responses to “MSM Adapt Pack”

  1. Aaron says:

    That’s pretty sick?

  2. Mike says:

    99$ for the pack is a steal, compared to all the other tactical packs on the market. nice.

  3. Drew says:

    So take a standard TT Removable Operator Pack, add a buckle to the H-strap, put some loop in the front pocket and tadaa, MSM adapt is born!

    At least it’s only $5 more than the normal version.

    • Jason says:

      And get the little monkey to pose in it for a photo shoot. Done!

      I never understood why you would make single strap bags for anything carrying more than a few pounds. If it’s somewhat heavy and going over at least one shoulder, loop it over the other one too and save your back from the strain.

    • The Monkey says:

      Just wanted to drop in to clarify additional details. Yes the core is based on the Removable Operator Pack, we wouldn’t all it a TT collab if we were trying to pull a fast one over folks 🙂 They have a few variants between models and we felt we did enough changes to give our variant its own name. Changes include:
      -2 zippers to frontal compartment to make ambi
      -Loop velcro inside frontal compartment for CCW options
      -Reworked sternum strap to 1″ hardware, include buckle to allow ambi cross strap
      -Increase external loop velcro size
      -Pull cords are double knotted
      -Main shoulder straps do not use large D-rings
      -Cord ports are now on each side of the drag handle instead of one in the middle
      -Main material used, 500D Cordura

  4. Drew says:

    So “urban” is grey, right?

  5. Hank says:

    Awesome. I dig what the Monkey is doing. Pretty cool that he’s on both sides of the industry. He buys gear, he tests gear, he makes gear, and he has fun doing it. Living the dream bro! When are these in stock?

    • Stefan S. says:

      Tests gear? What are his qualifications? airsoft? Oh that’s right he’s a civilian. Mystery Ranch!

  6. jordan says:

    Grey Ghost Gear is veteran owned and makes a pack that is almost identical to this one, I own it, I’m a veteran.. and it’s a great pack.