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Butt Plate Talk With Larry Vickers

Blooper reel from last season’s H&K episode on TAC-TV.

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4 Responses to “Butt Plate Talk With Larry Vickers”

  1. Jess Banda says:

    Dude has a great sense of humor to allow them to release the clip…just don’t call me “hommie.” 🙂

  2. Jason says:

    Say “flat butt plate” five times fast.

  3. Actually that is mild for the bloopers my crew has ; maybe down the road we will see more !!!

    Also I never call anyone ‘homie’ , just ‘Holmes’ !!

  4. Haji says:

    Easy for you to say, Larry! LOL!

    That was great. Best way to spend a lunch break that I can think of today.