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Grey Ghost Gear – Minimalist Plate Carrier

GGG Minimalist Chest Rig

Grey Ghost Gear has released their new Minimalist Plate Carrier. Designed for low profile wear or contingency carry, the MPC is thin and light enough to wear beneath a cover garment or keep on standby in a ready kit. It’s designed for 10 x 12 hard plates or large ESAPI plates and the plate pockets are lined with LiteLok pack cloth for abrasion resistance. The MPC features six rows of PALS-style webbing with built-in matching loop material on the top three rows for the option of attaching patches or ID panels. The front of the carrier features a discreet stash pocket for small items one would need immediate access to, such as maps, medevac cards, knives, etc. The MPC is designed as one-size-fits-most, with adjustable shoulder straps and integrated elastic side straps. The inside faces of the carrier are lined with Air Mesh for comfort and breathability. The MCP is available in Coyote Brown and MultiCam.


10 Responses to “Grey Ghost Gear – Minimalist Plate Carrier”

  1. Sgt E. says:

    I have bought 3 packs from the GGG and it’s good gear but I did have a lot of trouble actually receiving it. I’d like to purchase one of these but don’t have the confidence that I’ll receive it in a timely manner.

  2. Eric says:

    based on Sgt E.’s comment, I am worried about purchasing because I would like to receive it as soon as possible…my second concern is…that it looks that the shoulder straps are only attached to the front panel by hook & loop/velcro, which seems like a bad design, especially over time. not sure I’d trust it under conditions with dirt/use/wear and tear…i e-mailed them about the attachment point…if it is better than just hook and loop, i’m sold…will repost when i get a response.

    • GW says:

      this carrier is designed to be for the occasional wearer. if you are looking for a daily jocked up PC then this one is surely not for you. It is just hook and loop, but there is a lot of contact space.

      This product meets a certain market and a certain price point, with a lifetime guarentee, what do you have to lose?

  3. Lindsey says:

    Sgt E. Sounds like you ordered your gear awhile back? We’ve since implimented changes to our order processing and shipping. Orders are processed every business day, and will ship within 24 hours. Sorry for the hassle you went through before.

    Eric, I can understand where your concern would be with the attachment points, but I can assure you we combat test all of our gear before releasing it to the public. Our goal is to provide the best gear for a cost you can afford.

  4. Nate Smith says:

    This design was based upon a earlier TT prototype and was extensively T&Ed CONUS and OCONUS. I can assure you that any concerns you have over the durability of this plate carrier are unfounded.

    I just saw the business director of GG gear walk past my office. She says that they have them in the warehouse and they are ready to ship.

  5. GW says:

    There were delivery issues in the recent past, thats one of the reasons that TT And GGG have joined forces. most if not all of these issues have been taken care of.

  6. john says:

    “does it come in black” -in my best Batman voice. Looks like it would be great for LEO patrol work. Something that you weren’t going to wear all day and wanted to throw on over your concealed armor for active shooter or similar situations. Throw a couple of mags on the front and maybe a small trauma pouch and you’d be GTG.