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TacApps – Cop Slang App

Cop Slang

Thought some of our LE readers might be interested.

16 Responses to “TacApps – Cop Slang App”

  1. straps says:

    Worth noting that it is a BAD IDEA to have stuff like this on a phone that could (a) be compromised if something bad happens (b) be rolled up in an OIS investigation. I carried a squeaky clean burner for just this reason.

    Cops laugh about their conflicted relationships with the communities they serve but I’d have little interest in explaining Alpha Hotels or Adam Henrys–or Turd Cutters–as a sworn-in participant in any of the humorless proceedings that accompany an escalation of force.

    Yeah I know, lighten up Francis.

    • Dairain says:

      Please please tell me you’re not a cop claiming to have a “Clean” burner phone. How about follow the law you’re supposed to updold. Damn it this is why the rest of us can’t stand the police.

      • mr bean says:

        Get over yourself, everything we do or have is subject to subpoena. Police don’t have naked pics of their gfs like everyone else on their personal phone, because they’re not human. Damn it this is why cops can’t stand the rest of you *rolleyes*

        • Dairain says:

          Your response makes no sense. I don’t have naked pics because I’m not a moron. Guess what? Police are public servants and as such should be under scrutiny. You wanted power? Accept the responsibility. Of everyone in this country, cops SHOULD be the ones who care.

          • Just a man says:

            Darian, you’d be considered a dipshit in any field. As for Straps comments….he’s 100 % correct…. Though the whole cop slang thing may be a comedic novelty to some, probably mostly non-law enforcement, it’s not something i would advise a young officer get on his phone…. And having been in several OIS’s, and subsequent lawsuits, (all with posative outcomes for the good guys) I would never have such an app on my phone, of which could be subject to subpoena through discovery. And yes we public service, not servitude… So if you acted like a tard on the street, you’d get the verbal or physical lashing you seek, your choice. But, instead, try not to be so bitter, and take three deep breaths before you ignorantly opine…. The topic was meant by SS, I’m pretty sure, for comedic value….hence humor, so settle down Sally.

          • Realist says:

            I’d be a dipshit because argumentum ad hominem? What a piece of garbage. “Just a man” this isn’t about comedy. The people’s trust in government is eroding and law enforcement is the most blatant, obvious representation of that government that people can see. The very existence of stuff like this makes law enforcement look terrible. The fact that you advocate skirting the rules makes you look dirty. Any LEO that advocates this garbage should be ashamed. We trust you. And you destroy that trust by these kinds of statements. I served my country proudly its a shame that the level of virtue we should expect by the folks enforcing the law would be so low. I know quite a few cops who don’t fall into this category. Just a man, I don’t think you’d be man enough to hold their coffee. Sad.

          • Stefan S. says:

            Mr Bean More like Government servants! Cops can’t stand the rest of you? Nice comment donut boy!

          • mr bean says:

            Thanks Stefan! 🙂 bros 4 life 4 realz

          • Just a man says:

            “Realist”…. Perhaps you should actually read my comment. Lighten up dork.

  2. checkmate6 says:

    Real cops use Android.

  3. jbgleason says:

    Funny about the clean burner phone. I was issued an Agency phone as part of my on-call duties for our S.O.D. I promptly activated the “call forward” feature to my personal phone and put the Agency phone into my desk drawer. A couple of years later, following a Use of Force incident, everyone was subject to a series of allegations that resulted in a full onslaught from IA. One by one we went into the room to be interviewed and they were confiscating agency phones. When I got in there they wanted to know how my Agency phone had all of these incoming calls but no outgoing or texts, photos, etc. They couldn’t figure out the one-sided phone bills they collected either. I promptly explained what I had done and they just stared at me for a while before saying “I don’t suppose you want to give us your personal phone?” I laughed a while and noted the IA guy making notes which I am pretty sure said “Note to self – Use call forward feature on Agency phone/buy personal phone.”

    • JohnC says:

      An FYI for those contemplating the above: This is a very bad idea. On many levels.

  4. Reverend says:

    It’s just funny being able to say “LEO saying something you cannot understand? THERE’S AN APP FOR THAT!”

    Personally? Some of these terms are self explanatory, but Lawyers have NO sense of humor. None! Or at least their sense of humor is understood only by packs of ferral dogs, and sharks.

  5. Jason says:

    Jeez people, lighten up! I’ll be the first to admit that there’s some cops I respect and some cops I don’t. Trust and respect should be earned by law enforcement, not expected.

    But let’s be serious here: don’t pretend that you don’t do the same thing too. When you’re working, you have ways of talking with coworkers, yes? When your friend is dealing with some asshole, you’ll give them a look that says “I’m sorry you’re stuck with that turd on the phone.”

    Cops are human. They do the same thing. When they pull up on scene at the same house for domestic abuse, they have a way of saying “I can’t believe we’re back here for this wife beating lowlife…..” They just can’t say it over the airwaves.

    It probably isn’t smart to have this app on your phone in case of an investigation but don’t act all high and mighty and tell cops that they must be perfect and without fault or else they’re corrupt officials. In the grand scheme of things, this is closer to the department Fantasy Football than suspect beatings or unlawful arrests.