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Danish Military Orders Additional Cobra Helmets From Revision Following Successful Use In Afghanistan

Montreal, QC, Canada (August 29, 2013)- Revision Military, a world leader in protective soldier solutions, will provide the Danish Defence Acquisition and Logistics Organization (DALO) with an additional 3,000 Batlskin Cobra Helmets during Q4, 2013. As part of the 7-year contract with Revision an initial 4,335 helmets have been supplied to date. Helmets from those first deliveries were issued earlier this year to infantry and head-quarters troops deploying to Afghanistan.

Returning soldiers reported that the Revision Batlskin Cobra helmet, an ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene shell that includes a high-performance Modular Liner System, ergonomic Retention System and multipurpose Front Mount, delivered high satisfaction levels with the vast majority of soldiers reporting very positively on the weight, comfort and protection offered by their new helmets. The fact that the helmets are lighter in weight, with a very comfortable and adjustable lining system, while providing blunt force, blast and ballistic levels of protection higher than previous helmets, was seen as an advancement and advantage.

“Revision is proud to have delivered helmets that have performed very well during rigorous use in-theatre and is looking forward to supplying additional Danish troops with these lightweight, high-performance polyethylene helmets” said Jonathan Blanshay, CEO of Revision. “The Danish military was among the very first to identify and realize the benefits that new materials and technology would bring to soldier protection, and the first to buy and deploy the Cobra polyethylene helmet system. Recognizing the Cobra helmet technology and performance would be under severe scrutiny during the Danish deployment, we are thrilled with the users’ positive reactions to their new equipment and ready to produce this next helmet order at Revision’s Composite Center of Excellence“.

Additional Danish troops will be recipients of the Batlskin Cobra polyethylene helmet with Revision’s adjustable retention system, high-performance modular liner, multi-purpose front mount, fitted helmet cover, and front rails for accessory attachment. With the Front Mount, the three-position Visor and high-threat Mandible Guard, components which were included in the initial contract award, can be used for additional facial protection.



11 Responses to “Danish Military Orders Additional Cobra Helmets From Revision Following Successful Use In Afghanistan”

  1. Sgt E says:

    How well do these work with looking down the sights of your rifle? I’ve never seen one of these in person but it appears that the additional protection provided would prevent you from employing an M16 family weapon. Is this not the case?

    • CrustyCameron says:

      The demo I got from Revision had a riser system for optics in order to make it usable with the mandible. It was not initially intended for those that are foot mobile (fogging issues etc), but more for those out of the hatch of a vehicle.

  2. Rasmus says:

    50% of the helmets issued to deployed troops in Afghanistan needs repair/replaced.

    So I don’t know how proud they can be……….

    Crap helmet.

    • Mohican says:

      50 % failure rate? That’s a huge and big clue so don’t use this in combat, just for airsoft purposes. Can you elaborate more about failure reasons?

      • Ben says:

        I learned that the helmet had failed in various tests in several European countries, in which the the Opscore FAST won – actual procurement requires admittedly a trade-off with costs. Revision’s ballistic glasses and googles, however, are top-notch.

      • SSD says:

        Yes, I’d like to see some actual data as well.

        • Bang says:

          At least one of the problems is the accessory rails which break easily. This is based of the number of helmets with broken rails seen at issuing depots and from colleagues that have have/had them issued. They also have an issue of the rails rotating due to being mounted on a screw.

  3. Sean says:

    that shit is lame .. just more shit those seat warming POGS can push on us grunts.

  4. Ben says:

    I remember seeing one of these, wouldn’t be a fan of wearing it personally but I can imagine it would be nice if you we’re a gunner or something similar.