Extreme Outfitters – TAS Powertraveler Military Kits

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Starting in October, Extreme Outfitters will be carrying the Tactical Assault Systems Powertraveler Military Kits. Pre-order now, and save 15%; use code PRE15.

Extreme Outfitters – TAS Powertraveler Military Kits

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7 Responses to “Extreme Outfitters – TAS Powertraveler Military Kits”

  1. India Alpha Zero One says:

    Umm… The link doesn’t seem to be working and there isn’t anything on the Extreme Outfitters site listing these kits..?

  2. Sgt E. says:

    Anyone have any experience with setups like this? I’ve been temped but am not sure how well these actually work.

    • Jack says:

      Sgt. E, I use a solar kit from Goal Zero, the Guide 10 plus, which probably is most equal to the Adventurer Military above.

      It’s light and handy. I can quickly charge most portable devices. It is a little finicky with an iPhone 5, but it will still work. Other cell phones and my Kindle are no problem. It has a USB port and attachments, but the TAS kits above come with more attachments. My GZ kit came with a AA battery pack that can be used as power source or as rechargeable batteries in devices.

      I’m very pleased with Goal Zero, but it looks like the TAS kits come with a nicer coyote carrying case and more peripherals, aside from the AA batteries. Hope this helps.

    • Nick says:

      I have one of the older versions of these prior to the molle case or having car charging plugs.

      I used to keep my phone and several of the lane walkers I worked with phones. During the day I would just lash the panel on top of my ruck and have it recharge the battery. After 4 days of charging my phone and other peoples when the FTX was over the battery was down to 50%, which I would attribute to being in the woodline and not getting enough light to the panel to keep the battery full from the trickle charge.