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MDM – SureFire

The new hotness from SureFire is the P3X Fury Tactical which boasts 1000 lumens! All that at 1.5 hours with just three CR123A batteries.


That’s enough power to illuminate targets at over 400m. There will be two models, one will have the standard momentary switch as well as a version with a clicky switch.


Coming soon from www.SureFire.com


11 Responses to “MDM – SureFire”

  1. 1000 lumens! That is going to generate some heat.

  2. Trajan says:

    How do they double the output with only a 50% increase in power?

  3. fmfbest says:

    my favorite was always “how does a vacum work? No idea but I hit the switch and it sucks s__t up!”

  4. roy says:

    1000 lumens is a lot of light. I have the 500 lumens on my gun now and in confined spaces its too much.

  5. Mohican says:

    That’s crazy! Again SureFire proves there is no limit.