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Magpul Dynamics’ Caylen Wojcik Wins 2013 Oregon Sniper Challenge With Carbon Fiber Barrel From PROOF Research

A .25 MOA, 800-yard cold bore shot was just one of the highlights of Caylen Wojcik’s win this weekend at the 2013 Oregon Sniper Challenge. Competing against 49 highly trained shooters, with teams from Ireland, United States Army Special Operations, and SWAT, Caylen, the Director of Precision Rifle Training for Magpul Dynamics and a former USMC Scout/Sniper, landed a decisive victory finishing 74 points higher than the second place winner.

Caylen Wojcik takes aim at the 2013 Oregon Sniper Challenge. Photo courtesy of Terry Doi via PROOF Research.

And he did it using a latest technology carbon fiber-wrapped barrel from Proof Research.
According to Caylen, “I’ve been using Proof Research carbon-fiber barrels since the beginning of the year so I knew what to expect. It’s all about consistency and the confidence that my rounds will go where they need to go every time. The Proof Research barrel gives me that. Some of the strings of fire required 20 rounds fired almost as fast as you can reacquire the target—with Proof’s carbon fiber technology, there’s no point of impact shift as the barrel heats up. Everything is point of aim, point of impact.”

Proof Research’s CEO, Pat Rainey, noted, “We are wildly excited for Caylen, not only for his win in the match, but for becoming the first in history to win a precision rifle competition with a carbon fiber barrel. We expect that to quickly become commonplace, but Caylen was the first.”

Caylen’s equipment included:
-PROOF Research 24” carbon fiber-wrapped barrel chambered in .308
-R700 action in Kinetic Research Whiskey-3 chassis
-Thunderbeast Arms suppressor
-Vortex Razor HD optic
-PNW Arms 175gr Match

For more information about the Oregon Sniper Challenge visit: www.coldborecomps.com

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9 Responses to “Magpul Dynamics’ Caylen Wojcik Wins 2013 Oregon Sniper Challenge With Carbon Fiber Barrel From PROOF Research”

  1. Sgt E. says:

    Color me impressed.

    Does this signal a larger dive into carbon fiber-wrapped barrels? Is there a real benefit, aside from being lighter, than more traditional barrels?

    From the very little reading I’ve done the claim is they reduce heat and I guess that means you stay closer to your cold bore shot?

  2. Jes says:

    Sorry to track from the subject, but can anyone identify those pants he’s wearing? Nonetheless, those carbon fiber wrapped barrels sound pretty neat.

  3. Borebrush says:

    Well done.

    I still say its more the Indian…

  4. Peshawar says:

    Very cool. I like that he wasn’t using the super high dollar glass for his win. Goes to show it’s more about knowing your stuff well than having the most expensive equipment. Sometimes a golden hammer is not worth its weight over the steel one.

  5. Scotty D says:

    Those Asolo Boots?

  6. Rob K says:

    Cool innovation, I hadn’t previously known about these barrels.. Awesome results and testimony. still, Chad said it best…