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Just In Case You Don’t Know Where Our Next War Will Be


Coming soon from Emerson Knives, the CQC-7 Jungle. Considering his knives are carried by the best of the best it only figures that Ernie Emerson would have the inside track.


13 Responses to “Just In Case You Don’t Know Where Our Next War Will Be”

  1. bullet magnet says:


    it has the familiar ingredients.

  2. super six-four says:

    wait, do you know where it will be?

  3. Glas says:

    I heard N. Korea is next, but we are going the long way: Iran, Syria, Pakistan, China and then the Norks

  4. john says:

    was it bad for me to hope for California?

    • Dan says:

      No jungles here. Go fish.
      Forests and desert a plenty with weird laws, but then you can say that about any state in the union.

  5. Tim says:

    I’ve got a left handed version of that when he worked with Benchmade..I’m not a lefty but my pocket doesn’t ever feel empty.

  6. Agent K says:

    I am hoping the Caribbean. I am sick of the Middle East.

  7. Mike Nomad says:

    I have a couple of the auto-open version from Pro-Tech. Non-serrate, chisel grind. Best folders I’ve ever carried.

  8. The next war will be fought within the US. Sad to say 🙁