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Litebuck is a variable frequency strobe light designed specifically for use with several different attachment hardware options. The lights can function up to 100 hours and in three strobe modes: rapid, slow, and permanent on. They function in a temperature range from -20C/-4F to 40C/104F, are waterproof up to 60 meters, and are impact resistant. The hardware options include 1″ webbing attachable, hook base for attachment to Velcro, PALS/MOLLE webbing, and male/female buckle attachment. The lights are easily interchangeable between hardware options and are sold separately in packs of four.

Available colors include Blue, Green, Red, White, and IR. The hardware comes in Black and Coyote Brown.

Update: We’ve received word that the Litebuck has been tested and certified for an updated temperature range of -20C/-4F to 60C/140F.



10 Responses to “Litebuck”

  1. James says:

    cool concept… are the batteries replacable?

    • Tactical Fanboy says:

      No, you have to replace the light with a whole new unit after the original dies. I was told the MSRP is about $15 for a pack of four.

  2. Jbgleason says:

    Did I read that upper operational temp range correctly? 104f isn t exactly an extreme temp. I don’t see that device doing much good if it can’t survive the heat.

  3. Zulupapa says:

    Argh, went to the website and was met with a blinking light and an email address. no online shop. Hopefully that’s forthcoming.

  4. Richard says:

    Not really in the market for airsoft accessories …

    • AKo says:

      That same airsoft retailer also carries a variety of legit tactical gear and kit such as Smith Optics Elite, Ops-Core, and Surefire (to name a few). Not everything they sell is intended purely for airsoft.

  5. AKo says:

    Litebuck is based out of Hong Kong (yes I know what you’re thinking). The product was designed with the specific intent for use with the international LE/MIL market. They produced an initial batch for T&E. Being based out of Hong Kong and not having direct access to the US LE/MIL community, the majority of the initial T&E batch were picked up by a local airsoft company (linked above) to help them recoup their tooling and R&D cost. At the end of the day, it’s a Strobe unit. The technology is not revolutionary by any means. How it’s executed in this particular application is relatively specialized and versatile, enough so they have an international Patent (pending) on the product. It’s currently being tested by people in the US (myself included). It’s a good product.