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HonorPoint Introduces Evolution Pack


HonorPoint USA is releasing a new pack, the Evolution. I got to check it out at MDM and it relies on HonorPoint’s Zip Off Technology to configure the pack seven different ways. It can be formed into a three day pack, a day pack, or a sling pack, and the components can also be used separately as a utility belt, utility pouch, document pouch, and belt pouch. It offers a great deal of configuration options without the weight of PALS.


4 Responses to “HonorPoint Introduces Evolution Pack”

  1. bob says:

    I think this is great concept. Do they have a way to protect the exposed zippers to prevent the coils or teeth from getting damaged when not in use? That to me would be the biggest worry for a system like this.

  2. Snake says:

    These are bomber strong YKK chain and pulls #10s . This particular chain is used in the marine industry . Each component does also have a cover to protect chain, like the cover for the utility pouch as well. You can always used them with the chain protected or not if you like the look.

  3. Anna says:

    How do you check prices and place an order?
    Are y’all the same company that was making and selling the SRT

  4. snake says:

    Anna, no T’s for us. Website has the Evolution pack with ZOT up and for sale.