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Seeing Is Believing by Trident Concepts

As we get older many of us (me included) go through changes in our vision that require us to adapt our shooting. Still others face vision challenges right out of gate. Jeff Gonzalez of Trident Concepts discusses a few of these issues in a recent blog post entitled “Seeing Is Believing”.


Regarding shooting, one thing we can all agree on is you need to have decent vision.

Most of us as we get older will need to do something to correct our vision, whether through surgical procedures, contacts or glasses. It is a fact of life, you cannot expect to have perfect vision forever, but correctable to 20/20 should be a goal. If corrected with contacts or glasses then you are going to have to wear them when shooting, I know seems obvious.

To read the rest of the article, visit www.tridentconcepts.com/seeing-is-believing.


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