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DEFCON X Vans Syndicate Digital Camo Collaboration

Long time collaborators DEFCON and Vans Syndicate have once again partnered up, this time to produce a limited edition set of digital camo shoes featuring “non classified/non ITAR, visually similar versions” of the AOR patterns that have been adopted by the US Navy.

Sk8-Hi Notchback “S”

The Sk8-Hi Notchback ā€œSā€ features a reinforced tan Warrior Suede upper. The AOR1-inspired digital desert pattern is printed on ripstop panels. Additional features include the leather side stripe with nylon webbing, the gusseted tongue with Velcro patch, notch back heel, flipped waffle sole for grip, Dri-Lex lining, paracord laces, and a custom DEFCON patch.

Old Skool “S”

The Old Skool “S” features a black Warrior Suede upper, paired with an AOR2-inspired digital woodland pattern printed on ballistic mesh panels. Additional feature include flipped waffle sole for grip, Dri-Lex lining, and paracord laces. The Old Skool “S” is designed mainly for skating.

DEFCON is a frequent collaborator with Vans Syndicate. They started their camouflage shoes packs in the mid 2000s and were the first in footwear to work with Crye Precision directly for a MultiCam shoe. www.defcongroup.com/

The Vans Syndicate line offers limited edition products available mainly through skate shops and specialty boutiques. A full listing of Syndicate licensed stores in your area can be found at www.vanssyndicate.com/

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17 Responses to “DEFCON X Vans Syndicate Digital Camo Collaboration”

  1. Kemp says:

    The shoes look nice (as does the aor1 crye gear) but what i’d really love to get is one of those “abyssus abyssum invocat” tees in the picture!

  2. KaosKydex says:

    Great looking shoes! The AOR2 would look better with an OD green toe, rather than black IMO.

  3. Lasse says:

    None of these will ever get skated. They’ll probably sit in their box all life and only come out for photos once in a while. Fucking waste of ok shoes.

    I could skate the AOR2 pair, mainly since it’s a black shoe with white rim, the AOR1s wouldn’t even go on my foot.

  4. Haji says:

    I’d wear ’em so long as it would offend people to see me wear ’em.

  5. taskins says:

    These look sick. The skate highs have had some add ons i see. The speed laces and the velcro on the tongue. Nice work. Any word on the release and how they will be sold?

  6. Col. Bat Guano says:

    Sick! I’m not as dialed into the fashion trends as Lasse, but that looks like a great assault shoe. Where the hell do I get that shirt?

  7. MilanWG says:

    Who makes the helmet cover?


  8. 404953C says:

    Need to get a set of these for BMX šŸ˜€

  9. Philip says:

    Now it’s like we have a hi-speed equivalent of the Spetsnaz ADIDAS shoes.

  10. Sgt E. says:

    Who makes that plate carrier?

  11. Saint bourrin says:

    It will be available on the 15 of october.
    Really like the shirt too !!

  12. Ciaran says:

    Looks like they are only sold through syndicate dealers and will be hard to get online.

    Would love a pair of these badboys.

  13. Sgt E. says:

    No ideas on the plate carrier?

  14. Saint bourrin says:

    Both plates carrier are from crye precision
    Right one is a CPC, left one if a NJPC

  15. Will says:

    Whats the scout light mount on the geissele rail?

  16. Chris says:

    Does anyone know where the abyssus abyssum invocat can be brought from?