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ATS Tactical Gear Has Ammo


At prices this low, the supply won’t last long.


10 Responses to “ATS Tactical Gear Has Ammo”

  1. Chechen says:

    I love it… “at prices this low..”

    *chokes* $500 for a case of 1000 rds of .45acp.. Ouch!

  2. Jason says:

    $0.34/per round + Shipping for 9mm is anything but low price, even for right now…

  3. JKeen says:

    Ouch, still price gouging in some parts of the country I see.

  4. pogie bait says:

    According to that gunbot link, the cheapest ammo available is largely steel-cased or remanufactured, with the average price of new brass ammo being about 34-36 cents a round (with one or two exceptions). I just went ahead and placed an order for 9mm with ATS, in part due to the good customer service I’ve had with them in the past.