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KCRF iPhone 5 Case


Keep Calm with the newly released KCRF iPhone 5 case. Made from a pliable rubber/plastic, this case wraps completely around the phone’s edges for protection. The surface is smooth and is finished in black matte with tan print to reduce reflection. Available from Tactical Distributors.


12 Responses to “KCRF iPhone 5 Case”

  1. JP says:

    Ok, I can’t be the only one who just thought that this jumped the shark.

    I get compliments and comments every time I wear the shirt from the most unlikely of people. Even got the water bottle for the office. Now it’s too much with the last bunch of stuff, now a goddamn phone case.

    KCRF is now an Internet meme. Leave a good thing the f**ck alone.

    • SSD says:

      I think you might be because these are flying off the shelves. Believe it or not, it is not good business to manufacture goods that no one buys.

  2. mitori says:

    The “Keep Calm And Carry On” thing is the “Got Milk?” of the 21st century.

  3. Timmay says:

    Some days I drop by just for the shark jumping products.

  4. Mike Nomad says:

    In order to piss off as many people as possible, you could do it check list / Q & A style…

    Got milk?
    Keep calm.
    Return fire?
    Carry on.

    p.s. Please don’t ban me.

  5. Timmay says:

    Teachable Moment here, hows about building in a quick survey at the end of the article to rate the product’s potential with one end of the scale saying:

    Wow, this might well be the be all-end all of tactical widgets…(Kryptec molle/pals codpiece for example)

    The other end would be:

    All I see here is a whole bunch of what the fuck…(Tier One Camo Vanns would be an example here.)

    I do love this place.

    • SSD says:

      Guys don’t quit your day jobs. Comedians you are not. But seriously, they might call you back to work some day. Eventually all nonessential employees will be back in the office.

      To be quite frank, I don’t think most companies will put much credence in such a scheme. On one hand you have the “I hate the world” crowd who will poo poo anything they didn’t think of and on the other, you have the shills who will go to any lengths to crush their competitors. Either way, such data is less than worthless.