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Team Wendy LTP Helmet Now Available

We first introduced you to the new Lightweight Tactical Polymer (LTP) Helmet during SOFIC. Now, they’re are available for order and shipping.

Exfil LTP

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CLEVELAND – Team Wendy, maker of leading-edge, multiple-application products that serve to protect against serious and potentially life-threatening impact-related injuries, has released a new tactical helmet platform that is ideal for military applications.

The company has launched the EXFIL LTP – a Lightweight Tactical Polymer helmet that provides operators with best-in-class head protection and a comprehensive and high-end accessory platform for operating environments that require the use of night vision, cameras, lighting and other add-ons.

The EXFIL LTP is designed for:
-Operators across the military, including combat search and rescue (CSAR) teams
-Various airborne, heliborne and maritime operations such as visit, board, search and seizure (VBSS)
-Training exercises in which low equipment weight and high functionality are priorities

The LTP is an extension of the EXFIL™ line, which launched in 2012 with the release of the highly regarded EXFIL Carbon, Team Wendy’s first complete helmet for tactical operators. A leading maker of protective tactical gear, Team Wendy has been the sole supplier of the standard issue helmet pad system to the U.S. Army, Marine Corps and National Guard since 2005.

The EXFIL LTP is now available for pre-order through and authorized Team Wendy distributors.

Jose Rizo-Patron, Team Wendy CEO: “We are proud to offer the EXFIL LTP as a follow-up to the EXFIL Carbon. The EXFIL LTP offers the protection, design and functionality that our customers have come to expect from Team Wendy. We are also excited to be rolling out our new Accessory Rail 2.0 System, which will serve as a comprehensive platform for the operator. The EXFIL LTP is a natural evolution in Team Wendy’s mission: Innovate to Protect.”

-First and only helmet with an integrated night vision goggle shroud built to the specifications of the U.S. Special Operations Command (SOCOM) SPEAR program
-Lightweight shell made of high-strength Lexan polycarbonate copolymer with a high-cut design to provide clearance for comms and an integrated Wilcox® aluminum shroud
-Team Wendy’s next-generation CAM-FIT™ retention system that features cam-lock sliders for one-handed adjustment and a Boa® closure system to create a secure and stable fit
-Team Wendy Accessory Rail 2.0 System, redesigned with an improved interface to accommodate additional accessories
-Three-piece liner with removable center section for use with overhead comms
-Next-generation ZORBIUM ® pad system that delivers true multi-impact performance to mitigate concussive-level impacts

The Accessory Rail 2.0 System, the new standard for all Team Wendy helmets, debuts with the release of the EXFIL LTP helmet. Team Wendy will retrofit EXFIL Carbon helmets sold on/or before October 2, 2013, with a set of EXFIL Rail 2.0 helmet rails at no product charge to the customer through March 31, 2014. Visit the Rail 2.0 Retrofit Program page for details.

Features of the Accessory Rail 2.0 System include:
-Stronger, glass-filled polymer construction
-More secure mounting to shell with standard three-hole stainless 4-40 fasteners
-Magpul MOE Picatinny section securely mounted to captive nuts
-Lower rear center-release-buckle acceptor, which also functions as rear T-slot entry
-Rear T-slot positioned for increased strength and slip resistance against forward-pulling forces
-ShockCord kit which includes upper T-slot mountable NVG stabilizer cords with easily adjustable length
-Additional entry point on upper T-slot allows access to NVG stabilizer cords with headset adapters or other accessories still in place
-“Sideburn” protection with captive 4-40 nuts for additional mounting


12 Responses to “Team Wendy LTP Helmet Now Available”

  1. Tony hawk says:

    Worlds most expensive skateboard helmet.

    • Chris says:

      Really? Never have seen a skateboard helmet with an integrated Wilcox shroud, a proven multi-impact liner system, a rail system that directly incorporates operator feedback and a custom boa dial system that is specifically designed to address heavy front loading. Full disclosure, I know the TW guys well and they do all they can to kick back to the operator the best product per the stated rqmts. If you prefer a skate board helmet… go for it.

      • Tony hawk says:

        SAR doesn’t rock $5000 nvg or rail lighting/comms. They use $50 handheld radios and REI headlights.

        Oh and allot are volunteers with budgets for $300 helmets.

      • SSD says:

        agreed, it’s comments like those that end up a year or two later in a line of duty investigation.

  2. Sebastian says:

    I would have loved a “slick” version of this helmet without the integrated NVG mount for skydiving.

  3. I like it but if they are aiming at the SAR community they need some high viz colors like red, white, and orange. Flat black and coyote won’t fly with that segment of the market.

  4. Jes says:

    I wonder if Team Wendy ever plans on making their own ballistic helmet?

  5. Come on now. Not all SAR guys are so low rent. Between my ITT gen III NVG monocular, NiteRider halogen headlamp and CommTac radio earpiece/lip mic my Joe Brown SAR helmet was probably $4000 all total. Add to that a Globalstar tri-mode satphone, Motorola HT1000 radios (UHF and VHF), custom Wilderness pack, Blackhawk utility vest, Conterra Tech Pack, London Bridge Trading Company EMT Jump Pack, custom Flightsuits Limited 27Ps, NRS Swiftwater pack, Dana Designs Terraplane alpine pack and all the kit to go with it the inventory in the back of my rig was pushing $60,000.

    • Tony hawk says:

      If I get lost in Beverly Hills ill be found quick then, here in Washington state ill have to soak in in the rain a little longer.

  6. Lev says:

    Does anyone know the size M/L weight of this and/or the carbon? Couldn’t find on the website.
    Realize there are a # of configs possible…any info is much appreciated for saving me a phone call to TWendy.