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New Armor Carriers From ArmorWorks

When I visited the ArmorWorks booth at Modern Day Marine I ran into Steve Reichert who showed me a few new armor carrier designs that he had a hand in helping develop. In the photo below you can see all of the carriers.

(Photo: Steve Reichert)

And here are some additional shots:


This is a full on assault carrier in AOR 2.


This low viz model was intended to be worn under a shirt or jacket and has an interesting take on magazine carriage. As you can see it utilizes elastic pouches right into the vest. Additionally, they’ve developed a set of belt mounted mag carriers.


You may notice that these carriers also offer the capability to integrate chest rigs such as the D3 Chest Rig from Haley Strategic Partners.


As you can see, the simple, streamlined design of the concealable vest means that chest rigs can also be worn with their integral webbing.


Word is that these should hit the street this Fall.

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3 Responses to “New Armor Carriers From ArmorWorks”

  1. AR PRO says:

    These are real nice! Looks like they were very well thought out! Nice job!

  2. Luke says:

    The two low profile carriers look like a giant step forward to me, even just increasing the width of the shoulder straps puts them ahead of a good chunk of the competition. I eagerly await further details.

  3. do you/will you have a catalog?