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Looking For Custom PVC Patches? Consider Flexsystems USA

Generally, when we think about PVC morale patches, we think about overseas manufacturing. Not a lot of people have heard of them but Flexsystems USA is a San Diego, California-based manufacturer of 3D PVC Velcro-backed patches, Berry Compliant labels and zipper pulls as well as fire resistant 3D labels for clothing and gear.


A little known fact is that Flexsystems has been making custom 3D pvc plastic parts in San Diego since 1994. All the other companies that make these parts are in China, or 99% of them anyway !

Many companies that manufacture clothing for the military and have Berry requirement turn to Flexsystems for their Velcro glove parts, clothing, hat and bag labels.

Military and rescue groups, military individuals as well as gun and ammo manufacturers are ordering 3D USA Made Velcro patches from Flexsystems: Hornady, Trijicon, North American Rescue, United States Coast Guard, and ITS Tactical to name a few. Below is an example of a PVC patch for Impact Weapons Components.


They tell us that their customers find that the 3D PVC labels and parts last a lot longer that commonly available embroidered patch versions. For that, you be the judge. But I can tell you that I like the aesthetic of the PVC patches. For sure, these parts can withstand harsh environments and have been used in the hockey, footwear, SCUBA, medical and sporting good fields. They do not fade, peel, or unravel.

Flexsystems offers other services as well-rush-parts in days, decoration services and fulfillment. Additionally, they have no minimums on most of their products.

This year, Flexsystems obtained the exclusive for a new PVC resin formula that uses corn in lieu of phthalates. This material is being used in the manufacturer of human heart catheters. The corn material means that the parts meet the CPSIA and Prop 65 requirements for PVC products.

Sales questions: Gary Smith. 619. 401.1858 or [email protected]

Flexsystems has a special offer for Soldier Systems Readers. FREE MOLD on orders of 1000 parts or more. Good until November 15th, 2013.


3 Responses to “Looking For Custom PVC Patches? Consider Flexsystems USA”

  1. Dan says:

    Missing an S

  2. K' says:

    I’ve had some work done through this company. They’re not always the fastest when they have a rush of big orders, but they’re always responsive and their patches will take any sort of abuse short of setting them on fire.

  3. Josh Florendo says:

    Great product!

    Excellent customer service.