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Spuhr AB – NVG Mount


Spuhr AB’s NVG Mount was developed around the idea to give the operator full flexibility of mono, dual, and firearms mounted NVDs along with the ability to transition between those options in a few seconds. The mount can easily be adjusted for tilt, eye width, and/or eye-relief. For individuals who prefer to have their right-eye monocular mounted to their firearm, the monocular can be securely moved from the mount to the firearm and back again. The quick interface and adjustment memory allows the user to transfer the whole system, including goggles, from helmet to head and back if the situation warrants it. The entire system is also designed for quick and secure mounting, which is useful for those who like to parachute with clean helmets during descent. The NVG Mount is ideally used with the Insight MUM-14 or Vectronix TARSIUS16, although other NVDs can easily be mounted to the device as well.


One Response to “Spuhr AB – NVG Mount”

  1. From the video I saw this is one slick setup.