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Angel 7 Industries – ASH-21 / ASH-22 M.C.S. BIORMR Helmet Suspension Systems

Angel 7 Industries is debuting their newest series of suspension and padding systems entitled BIORMR: the ASH-21 and ASH-22 M.C.S. These two new systems were invented, designed, and engineered by Kerry Harris, Innovator of the Year under A7 Helmet Systems, LLC.


Specs for the ASH-21 BIORMR combat helmet suspension and padding system:

  • Exceeds 14ft/sec as tested by Chesapeake labs
  • one piece
  • The helmet’s weight is evenly distributed over the entire head–no pressure points or hot spots
  • No less than 3 pads engage an operators head during an impact: top=5, sides=3, back=4, front 4.
  • The disks are individually adjustable to accommodate various head shapes and for individual comfort
  • Outstanding airflow and heat dissipation
  • Utilized Dynamic Suspension Technology or D.S.T. (Patented technology that allows the pad to be thicker without requiring the operator to move up in helmet size).
  • Black or Multicam fabric covering that wicks away moisture, has a low IR signature, and is antimicrobial
  • Fits all helmet geometries.
  • U.S. Patents and Patents pending
  • DSC_9254_Medium

    Specs for the ASH-22 BIORMR M.C.S. (Multi Configurable System):

  • Exceeds the performance of any other system ever created. Average at 14 feet per second, hot cold and ambient is 126.5g
  • One piece
  • Fits all helmet shapes and geometries
  • Multiple Configurations: All Pads can individually extend, retract, and rotate to accommodate individual head shapes and for individual comfort
  • U.S. Patents and Patents Pending.

  • www.angel7industries.com/



    10 Responses to “Angel 7 Industries – ASH-21 / ASH-22 M.C.S. BIORMR Helmet Suspension Systems”

    1. Miguel says:

      Multicam fabric inside the helmet is essential. Defnitely a performance factor.

      • Angry Misha says:

        My thought exactly lol

        On a serious note; is it fire resistant to the current USMC specs?

    2. Mike says:

      Awesome piece of gear, just saw it in person at AUSA. Hope we get these and not some overhyped POS

    3. Sgt E. says:

      I’ve personally seen, many times, people take their kevlars off and the lack of camo give away their position to the enemy. This is a much needed innovation.

      • Stefan S. says:

        My thoughts exactly….Because everything multicam gets the airsofters and fobbits wet!

    4. Sal says:

      What about its compatibility with earmuff style comms?

    5. threeseven says:

      Came here to complain about the Multicam pads, pleased to see I’m not the only person. Seeing as Multicam everything is usually more expensive, are we paying more for these as a result? That would be the icing on a very retarded cake.

    6. Real says:

      I see the complaints about multicam pads, but they come in black also! Looks very functional and I appreciate the fact that they are adjustable!

    7. Sean V says:

      Heluva lot better than that Team Wendy crap they shoved down our throats. To the Multicam complainers; y’all did see the pictures of it in black right next to the Multicam, stop hating on silly s*#t, does it work better than what we have or not? By the numbers and specs i’de say that’s a big hell yeah!!

    8. brad says:

      I wouldn’t care if it came in hot pink. If it does what it says it does I’ll take one. Pads we got now give me a serious headache and they are hard to wear after an hour or two.